Ego is Slavery to Fear


The Dark Forces ~ The Ones that Do this or do that!
I have met them, and they have no POWER.

Is that something to FEAR? Darkness and what they can do?


They live off Fear and Hope you do too ~ it is called “Mass Consciousness”
and Unless you are FREE~you are in it!

FEAR is the OPPOSITE of LOVE ~ and look around ~ what do you see?


Always~If Anything even suggests Fear ~WITHIN YOURSELF
Know that it is Mass Consciousness ~it is the Duality Game and it is ~ EGO ~ False self that lives in FEAR. That is fear based, for its survival~ and why? because it has no power, its power is NOT REAL.

And it needs Love Too!!

When you feel FEAR maybe say to yourself OUT LOUD:

Mind and ego, I have had enough of this thing called FEAR and I don’t much enjoy how it FEELS!
I am going to do something that may appear Risky to YOU Ego.

I AM GOING TO LOVE MYSELF and NOT believe this Fear thing and I am no longer going to give away my true POWER (Love) to you (Fear) anymore!

Because I NOW KNOW the Truth ~ FEAR has no Power, Darkness has no Power.

ONLY LOVE is the ONE and only TRUE Everlasting Power!

I choose Love ~ I Choose Freedom!! And this FEELS like HEAVEN!!

And So it is!!!


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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