Be Authentic ~ Disregard Those Who Judge How Spiritual Should BE

I have to Laugh…How I look ~ some say isn’t spiritual. How I dress is not spiritual ~ to some.

Disregard those who judge you through their ego ~ which decides what spiritual Looks like and how BEING Spiritual should behave.

I have seen the most Divine Beings ~ DRESSED in the clothing of Being addicted to drugs.

DO you fit into Society?

Within yourself ~ let go of standards of thought judgment of the external ~ replace this with ~ I AM Being MY Divine Self. 

Each Soul incarnates and then Ascends or crosses over ~ through their own consciousness.

DO not care what people think.

I have had many death threats. Who cares?

When we recognize what LIFE is ~ ALL LIGHT consciousness and that we are on our own UNIQUE  LIGHT journey back to our True Light ~ Selves. We can see clearly, all judgments by others are in fact, their own judgments of themselves. Parts not healed within themselves.

So if someone calls me a slut or a narcissist, they are dealing with those aspects within themselves. NOT yet loved, so they judge others.

What matter what ~ BE what you are and who you are is Unique.

This is called on Earth Being your Authentic Self. Which is closely aligned with your God Self Awareness as Original Light.

No need to fit in ~ KEEP going.

Know you are LOVED.

All those that judge you are themselves projecting their own consciousness of FEAR on you.

Know you are Beloved.

A Sacred SOUL of Light.

And so NOW ~ Be MORE OF WHAT YOU ARE. Be Authentic. Unique.

Be AS Your God Self IS!!

In Love and Glory!

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  1. Beautifully expressed!

    I choose to embrace my own authenticity and uniqueness (and the authenticity and uniqueness of ALL) over the “approval” of others always.

    Thank you so much!

    I Love You! ❄️❄️❄️❄️

  2. ❤️ It’s amazing to me the kind of evil people project and how much kindness and love bothers them, it’s like being on a very lost planet ❤️

  3. …What’s the most interesting about ‘judgment’, everyone see the same thing differently, I made peace with that long time ago…I realize that we all experience, and literally see the same thing, including our own selves differently … It’s R’N’R truly, lot of FUN … I LOVE your ‘outfits’ ~ ~~ Thank you, for being so pretty for US, always! ~ LOVE ~ ~ ~

  4. Brenda Lieberman

    I love you and your contribution to the LIGHT. I have always loved your look, and your

  5. Irina Likholet

    Never-ending love and thanks to You L’Aura💕

  6. Ty Beloved QOL for this encouraging Wisdom. I neither judge myself nor others. I live as my limitless being ~ free ~ as the Truth of who I AM. Eternal Gratitude & Love 🙂 Such a Sacred Blessing YOU ARE!!! TY Always for being in my life ~ Welcoming YOUR Heavenly Presence Always. I LOVE YOU 🙂

  7. Marja Thibaudier

    I Adore this and You💜💜
    Thank you L‘Aura💜💜

  8. Truly right my dear L’Aura ! You are great and beautiful in your heart and soul , no matter how you look like from outside ! You are divine and authentic , that is what counts , nothing else.

    Love and blessings to you and to those who spoke against you ! Ulrike

    The New Divine Humanity schrieb am Do., 21. Juni 2018 17:25:

    > The New Divine Humanity posted: “I have to Laugh…How I look ~ some say > isn’t spiritual. How I dress is not spiritual ~ to some. Disregard those > who judge you through their ego ~ which decides what spiritual Looks like > and how BEING Spiritual should behave. I have seen the most Di” >

  9. Thank you! I love you! 💗💛💗

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