A New Octave of Being~ New Earth Template


The Living Thought Forms of Humanity that fill the Noosphere and the Morphogenic Field of the Matrix Reality, is Being replaced as the Original Template of Being ~ Blueprint ~ is Downloaded into the very Matrix itself, as the return to Wholeness.

This Alchemical Process, adjusts the main Mass Consciousness of Fear and Limitation, back to the Original Consciousness of Divine Union and True Unconditional Love. When I say Back to, and return I am referring to Conscious Awareness. As in Truth there is no back or forth, everything simply is ~ Now. Since you are in the “time” program, the words guide you to the truth within you.

You are already Whole, the Template of The Earth Matrix Reality which gives the appearance of what you can see is Only what is real, is changing for Each person as the Free Will Choice is made, to see the Eternal Truth of Being, To Be immersed in the Eternal Light of Being.

As the Thought-forms in your Conscious awareness (as you choose) are released, know that the cellular transformation, is very deep, and as you go through this process, you also are impacting the Whole.

Move your awareness CONSTANTLY into the Now Moment. This is the Eternal Flow, this is the accessing of Ease and Grace. And although to the mind, this may appear crazy, it is the ONLY WAY TO GO all the WAY through in consciousness to the New Earth ~ New Way of Being ~ which Template is Heaven on Earth.

I have gone to the far reaches of the Apex of the Octave of Being in the New Earth (so-called future timeline) and here and Now ~ merged all into Greater Higher Levels of Octaves of Being ~ which Shifts~ Powerfully the Template here on this timeline, Earth immersed in the Now Old Matrix of Separation.

To help yourself consciously to transform with the greatest amount of Ease and Grace, stay present, let go of what you Once saw as real, with all of its reactions, repulsions, attachments, and judgements. And enter deeply into your Heart, your Sacred Portal to the Divine Everlasting You ~ that has always Been Here, Now.

Although it may seem you are going through the eye of a needle, there is no way around it, when you go through, you go through.

Holding you in the Everlasting Light of Divine Love ~ The Eternal New Earth Template~ The Return to the Original Design, at a New Octave of Being! 


Eternal Love and Bliss ~ Dear Souls!



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