Living in a Different World and Being HERE NOW

L'AuraWe exist consciously in many WORLDS and Universes and we ARE present here NOW.

The form or body is not what you THINK it is.  You are not your body.

Playing out holographically are all worlds held within a hologram of light consciousness and frequency. This includes many universes.

All memory is held within this frequency DNA system and transmitted through ALL thoughts, feelings and actions.

Not one thought is private. It is not hidden to those who are awake.

Light ships are light and are present now.  They see and know all thoughts.

All form/creation is made of this.light frequency; which includes what you think of as inanimate objects.

These objects are a CORRESPONDING frequency representative of its meaning/purpose. This includes the symbolic meaning held in the subconscious THAT perceives this or that, based on its inherent level of awareness.

People that crossed over are present now. People to arrive are present now. All beings that arrived are present NOW.

All other existences that your mind thinks played out in a past, based on time reality of separation, all coexist now.

ALL of this exists through the state of consciousness you would call ascension and or your higher GOD self.

Opening the ONE key to the ONE access point is why we are transmitting these frequencies to you this moment.  We do NOT transmit through time, but this may appear to some in separation AS IF in time in a 3D world.

You may picture us, if it is too difficult to let go of the concept of time, That  we arrived here and are writing this from your so called future.

AS WE KNOW what it is, for you to experience this your new BIRTH through the holographic field of memory and awareness and most importantly UNION.

So let go of all beliefs.

Let go of what you thought was true.

Erase your resistance to NOW on the walls of no time and be set free to live within your heart. 

This is all that appears to be missing to the mind, yet you struggle with this one simple thing.

Enter your heart. LET GO OF ALL ELSE.

Be present now.

FOR in the Heart PRESENCE is the only one key to eternity THROUGH form. There is nothing else to Mastery. To ascension. To being your Divine God Self.

In this with the Presence of The Divine Council of Overseers, we initiate all hearts NOW in this the coming new norm of awareness that only lives through the HEART. In this the love we glorify the knowing, of the Ascended ONE through form.

A HUGE thank you to all of you that have DONATED!!

This is ON HOLD as of NOW as we go through this TRANSITION PERIOD.

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  1. Thank you, so much dearest L’Aura and the Divine Council of Overseers.
    The coming new norm of awareness through the heart is long waited in the world! I am most grateful for all your activations and the awakening of remembrance within us. LY, LY, LY.

  2. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejia

    Listening yesterday to your video “Expanding your heart activation”, I find it very beautiful and I felt wonderful, I listened to it twice, and on the second occasion, I had a vision of a white pegasus, with wings and almost transparent flying, very beautiful.
    The day I heard “Supreme Light” and I also felt wonderful, at times it smelled like phosphorous.
    Several days ago, while asleep and at dawn, I saw old Moses raising the tables of the commandments.
    These days in the morning I woke up and then I went back to bed, I was like sleepy, I went to bed and I didn’t feel like doing anything, I went to bed and I felt a lot of golden light inside me, I felt as if a force greater than me didn’t I wanted me to get up, so I had a vision of Enki, like Anunaki, with his wings and he said Mesopotamia. I also felt that Master El Morya was calling him, but I felt it very far away.
    Also in another meditation I connected with Sananda, Maitreya, Yukia Azora and you, that day I felt that I connected with emptiness, with the universe. I also felt that they called me “Arcangelo” and I felt or perceived “Abundance”.
    ❤ ❤ I Love you ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Brianna11:11

    Thank you so much, beloved L’Aura and the Divine Council of Overseers! Will read this Sacred Activation/Initiation many more times! I love you! 🙏🏻❤️✨✨✨

  4. Thank you so much L’Aura and the Divine Council of Overseers! For this and all activations, will read many times 🙏🏻 I love you! 💗💗✨

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