Enter the Portal of Light


In love, in Bliss, entering deeply into the Present Moment through your Heart, is entering the Presence of Your Soul. The Light Presence, that you Eternally are, is the Sacred Being and Portal to all Dimensions of conscious reality, Cosmic Consciousness Now.

The Joy that is Known in this Awake consciousness is the Celebration of Being, On all levels of Being, that is the Sacred Union, you with your Eternal Soul.

Your Eternal Soul is timeless. Is Pure. Exists before time and is endless.

The Forms of consciousness that take on perceived embodiments of levels of awareness, or dimensions you may call them, is Being called back (in consciousness) to the Original Union, that you have always been, You as your Soul.Β This so-called Being in separation, is the experience of time. To experience contrast, then to experience once again the Union that you are.

When one crosses over, to what may seem as the other side, one has released the attachment or is releasing the attachment to the form that the consciousness functioned through. There are many aspects of a Soul and many existences and parallel worlds where one plays out consciousness in many forms.

The Form that you embody is composed of Light. Living Light. It may appear solid, yet it is not. Planet Earth appears solid, yet it is also composed of Light. The Parallel worlds of this Earth are also composed of Light. Consciousness is Light. Light is communication. Consciously entering this awareness of Everything Being Light, is attuning ones awareness to the Truth of Light, to the Truth of Being. Entering the Cosmic Consciousness of Awareness and Being Now.

Your Heart and emotions are Powerful Light Communication Signals and when aligned in constant Coherency of Light Waves, open the Portal to All That you Are, through your Heart. Your Heart then through Coherent Entrainment, Β dissolves what would have seemed as the separate limited you (ego) into ONE coherent and Harmonious Loving frequency of YOU ~ Your Heart and Soul. This is the Union, and Coherency of Cosmic Consciousness of Your Soul. This One Harmonious eternal you, then is aligned not only with what you would call the 5th Dimensions, but All Dimensions simultaneously. No separation is No Separation. This includes before time, and forever.

Consciously Enter Light.

Consciously Enter your Heart.

Breathe here.

Your Breath connects you to the timelessness of You, to the Now moment.

Stay Present, Breathe deeply and slowly.

Enter the Portal of Your Heart.

Feel ~ Breathe~ and Be.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. Feeling you as light, creator Goddess, your words as light flowing through. I love you L’Aura ❀ ❀

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