Being Present as the Light of Your Soul


When you are aligned with Timelessness~ you are in the Present Moment.

The Present Moment is Timeless yet includes the appearance of time. When you are focused on the Future or are connected to thought patterns and reactions from past patterning,  you are aligned with linear time, and you are not Present in the Now.

This STATE of Pure BEING ~ allows as the Observer, freedom from ALL ATTACHMENT.

When you are Multidimensional as in “Being” Multidimensional you have entered Timelessness. A Multidimensional Being is Present Everywhere and Has Access to all things Present Now ~ which is ETERNITY ITSELF.

Many enter Moments of Multidimensionality, yet if this is done with drugs, or trance states, this does not ensure those moments are Divinely Guided by your Soul. The Subconscious and its Patterns of Fear, if one is not free from Fear, become the type of trip so to speak, one experiences, through drug induced expanded consciousness.

When I taught Yoga and Meditation for many years, the first thing many desired to experience, was to attain, to reach, desired states of Consciousness. I would observe however, no one was even there, No one was present. I wondered where they were, where their consciousness was. Some were in the past, dreaming of a past love, some were still at the grocery store they had left earlier, some were focused on the dinner they would later have, no one WAS THERE, no one Was Present.

I GUIDED them to Observe, to move their awareness away from the past and the future, or the list of things to do. And Guided them HOW to become aware of their Thoughts and Gain Mastery over their thoughts. And Then from Their the Emotional Body.

To Be PRESENT ( and I will include my Be Present Now ~ Frequency Transmission) One Must become the Observer. To Become the Observer, the Mind cannot be ruling the show, and be all over the place, attending to time, and reacting through wishes and fears of the past and future.

In other Words ~ you MUST ARRIVE here in the FORM you are INHABITING which is your Vehicle During your Present Appearance on Planet Earth. 

Once You Arrive, you MUST stay OBSERVING, watching your thoughts and your emotions and develop MASTERY over what is going on within you, whether you are being tossed here and there in the past or future, as in reactive states and hoping or wishing for something NOT PRESENT NOW.

When you have Fully Arrived, you have FULLY AWAKENED. When fully awakened you no longer live in reactive states in old thought patterns, and in fears and wished of the so-called future, everything that is NOT NOW.

When you are fully awakened YOU HAVE BECOME the OBSERVER.

When you are Fully The Observer ~ You have Become the Master of your Thoughts and Emotions and YOU then become the CONSCIOUS Director of Your Consciousness therefore YOUR CREATION. That which you Create.

By CONSCIOUSLY letting go of deadlines, and time frames, and FOCUSING ON NOW ~ Focusing on Arriving, of Being present in your Form (your body) you get the feel of Ecstasy of Being Here. When you feel you are in your Body, then you can enter your Heart and stay present there.

Staying Present in your Heart is BEING PRESENT as the LIGHT Of you Eternal Soul.

Then you are Walking Breathing, Divinity in Form, Ever Present in Eternity and NOW ~ in All Moments.

BEGIN to enter the inside of your Body, Let go of what you just did, or your worries, you cannot be present with things on your mind, that are NOT what is actually taking place NOW.

Feel the Vibrations deep inside, and ALLOW your awareness of these vibrations to INCREASE in your awareness.

Feel your Heart Beating. Feel the Air move through your Nostrils. Feel your Belly rise and Fall like the Ocean Waves. Stay with this for many moments.

Stop, Slow Down, Breathe, and Observe and FEEL. Stay here ALWAYS!!

This is Being PRESENT.

This is Freedom From Attachment as the Observer, as the Light of Your Soul!

All of My Frequency Transmissions, Activations, Initiations, Light Language and Invocations MOVE your awareness into the PRESENT MOMENT. You begin to resonate with the Present Moment!

GIFT yourself this ~ BEING PRESENT.

It is a Gift ~ it is HEAVEN ~It is Eternal ~ it is NOW.

A Little Story of Being Present and then Entering Fear:

I was walking along with a friend. WE both were Being.
We seemed to be speaking the same language of the Present Moment. No matter what we saw, and no matter what arose, it was all perfect.

We talked of many things, poverty, suffering, drugs, violence, etc.
WE were just Being and saw the Purity of it all~ in the Flow. The Perfect Now Moment of Being.

That is how you know you are in the Present Moment! It is perfect!

Then the friend started to get angry, and thought of the Future, and allowed fear to enter, and Feared the Future.

The mind came up with many scenarios, what if someone reacted this certain way or that to future happenings, then this would be very bad. Feared judgements and projections, won out over the Present Moment.

The friend determined, this Fear MUST not be allowed to play out, so the friend listened to the fear, and the present moment became a memory, that no longer could exist with fear.

The Friend could not see they were in Anger, could not see Eternity, or the Present Moment anymore, and ONLY saw the threat of the future and the fear of it, which was just a projected what if…..and was blinded to the Present Moment. Fear took its mighty Hold.

So when you are Present, and you KNOW it is perfect, stay there, and when FEAR shows its mighty Power to you, do not back away from it, instead, SEE it for what it is a PROJECTION of the Future, and NOT the Perfect Present Moment.

This is how many step in and Out of the Present Moment. Stay Present ~ to NOW ~ Only, This is Heaven on Earth.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. Feeling the Master Teacher in every word, knowing, loving. Feeling Timeless with every word, every breath. I love you L’Aura ❤ ❤

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