Your World of Circumstances


The Circumstances that you call your “obstacles” are the result of your own Creation through your inner world of your Being. Your inner world of your Being is composed of  Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, karmic traces (memory) and imaginings as a whole, as one frequency.  What you are constantly emitting and creating are  Light Frequencies that form and shape themselves to the frequency of what you are emitting (in every moment) that form what you call your outer reality, your circumstances and your world, so to speak.

The level of the Purity within you, of your thoughts, emotions, memories, intentions, imaginings and focus, is the level of your freedom and Union with Your Divine Soul. Which is Your Mastery of Being in Form, in Full Union. This is Harmony, this is Joy, this is Bliss, Ecstasy and Fulfillment. This is your alchemical transformation into the awareness of you, as your Soul, as Light, as your Immortal Body of Light.

The level of Non Purity, of reactive responses, of attachments, of sadness and pain, depression, unhealthy thoughts of harm and jealousy, and unhealthy intentions based on your attachments and fears, is the LEVEL of your experience of separation while in Form. This is Disharmony and the cause of all Dis~Ease and suffering. Will you see what comes first? You do not suffer because of Outer circumstances. You are constantly creating your circumstances through the frequency you are vibrating within you, which is the total of all that you are being in all moments.

So look at what you call your obstacles and areas of lack in your life experiences of Being, and see, how your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and reactive responses and attachments, show up in form, in your world.

Observe what your life of form is informing you of. In-Form-ing- You- of. Then Look deeply inside at what is going on within you, and choose, thoughts that are Harmonious, emotions that are Joyous, Intentions that align you with your Soul of Light, and observe as you choose Harmony in all moments, how Your reality of form, changes to match all that is within you, that you are vibrating to and with.

Observing in All moments ~ is Being Awake ~ is Consciously Manifesting~ and is Being Your Mastery of Form. 

To enter deeper Harmony, Union and Bliss with your Eternal Soul, listen to my Invocations, Initiations, Activations, and Frequency Transmissions that are On YouTube (see link below) available for you to listen to 24/7. They will allow your cellular consciousness, and your vibration to resonate and align, with the Eternal Love of Your Soul. This is your alchemical Transformation. You as consciousness~ Living as the Pureness of Being ~ your Soul of Light.

Holding you in Eternal Love and in the Eternal Light of Your Immortal Body of Light! Always, I Am ~ All That is!!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. ♡Thank you always♡♡♡I love you♡

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    YES – Look deeper of what is – In form ing me of ! To Be Master of Form ❤ Thank you L'aura ❤

  3. Feeling you as creator god, your words reveal, de-mystify. your words pulling me from my half-sleep. I love you Victoria Elohim, Creator God ❤ ❤

  4. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

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