And the Human Ego Stands Up~and Takes a Bow!


I have Been with you to Show and teach you many things ~ Says the Ego, with great Pride!! In Fact the role I played, became ever greater, than I had anticipated!!

Firstly, How Believing in Me so much, that you actually believed you were me,Β 
showed you that whatever you Believe in Becomes Real for you! Becomes your Reality!Β 

I showed you if you believed You were separated into parts, which Is what I represent, You would Believe You Were Separated!

I have taught you ~ Your Beliefs ~ Make anything appear Real.

I have Taught you ~ you are a Creator.

Now what I stood for, became very real for many on Planet Earth.
That which started off as a game and dream of Proof ~ that each One is a Creator no matter what one Creates, became so very real, that many forgot they were the One Choosing, they were the One ~ Dreaming. That they were the one Creating, no matter if One was creating in separation or Union. The Truth never changed!!

So as you awaken from the Dream, Remember how I helped you. When You live Now through the Union of the Voice of the Eternal You, you may see remnants of me here and there, and don’t forget to chuckle at the Dream, remembering, you WERE always the Dreamer!!

The Dreamer, The Dream, the Creator and the Free Will.

In the One Heart ~ Where All Exists ~ even the Game of the Dream!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    Beautiful and YES ! Let Go of EGO ❀ Love you ❀

  2. Today I did meditation and was beautiful and quiet, I felt at one point a big boost of light and warnings: “Magdalena”, was exciting.
    What need to be a yogui ?
    I ❀ ❀ Love ❀ ❀ You ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

  3. I love, love, love this and You!! ❀️

  4. Thank you dear Pistis Sophia Angel, ❀ ❀ I ❀ ❀ Love ❀ ❀ You ❀ ❀ Eternal Love ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
    If at first I was very confused, I thought you were my I, but now I have everything very clear, and really who I am and who you are; I greatly appreciate all your dedication to achieve my awakening; although many weird things happen only thing certain is that : I Love You profoundly, these inside my heart, I'm happy with you, my true love

  5. β˜€ β˜€ β˜€

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