The “Cause” and The New Creation


Triggered world events ARE the “Result” of the New Creation being Birthed. The structures are the enacting of the events, playing themselves out.
There is no benefit in looking outwardly for the result. Instead, stay present in your HEART being aware of the “Cause” this will help you to Hear the Signal.

Many of you suffer needlessly through the focus of desired appearances, projecting thoughts of fear and worry of what may take place, in the so-called future. Are you focused on the “Cause” or are you looking at appearances, which is the result of your consciousness.

The Cause of All of your experiences is the Consciousness you hold in either a state of Harmony or Disharmony, which you are “radiating” knowingly or unknowingly.

If you would understand fully, that you are constantly creating, through how you are “Being” inwardly, you would pay more attention to your “inner world” your state of Being. Creating from Harmony, through your Heart, results in your fulfillment, Divine Union. Disharmony, through the focus of appearances, results in lack of fulfillment, and a state of what seems as separation, fear.

Entering the New Creation, is the result of your Heart Centred awareness and Focus “Now” that you hold in a Coherent state of Being. 

Fill your awareness with Love, and move deeply into the allowing and the unfolding, of All That Is, through your Heart.

Letting go of control, and flowing with all that arises, allows the fluid of your Cells, your DNA, to respond spontaneously, to the signal of the Birthing of the New Creation. The result is the result. Stay focused on your Heart which is the Cause.

As the many “results” unfold as the events themselves, that take place, stay ever-present in your Heart. Stay focused consciously on your State of Being, your Inner world ~ Harmony and Love, through your Heart. (The Cause)

I Am With You! I Am Unconditional Love, I Am Your Mother!

I hold you Forever in my Heart! Victory is Yours! I Am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!




I Hold you Eternally in My Heart! I Am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim!



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  1. I’m only in FB interested in your posts, nothing else, do not interest me, love you

  2. My eyes are your eyes, your eyes are my eyes, love you

  3. Thank you dear Victoria Elohim, yes I become aware that we created all the time, so I try to control my thoughts and think creatively with light and love. In meditation last night and in a golden light I saw you enter into my heart like a whirlwind I absorv you. Love you ♥ 🙂

  4. Ascension Angels

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    Thank you Laura/Victoria 😉

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