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Light as Consciousness

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As you know, you are made of Light, composed of Light. Light, your thoughts and emotions, are also. Everything is Light. The Question you may desire to ask yourself is, how are you using your Light?

Are you seeing your Light as Darkness? because of your emotions that draw you ever deeper, into Duality, Separation consciousness. Which most definitely is not the truth. Only you hold yourself back, and that has always been the truth.

Do you know your True consciousness is Light, and it is you, that is responsible for how you are using your Light. The Darkness is Light too, why separate it, Dear Souls!

Love all that is within you, what appears as darkness is only the fear held within you, that is waiting to receive your conscious Love. Welcome all within you, and embrace it as the Living Light, that it is, that you Are. Therein, lies your Freedom.

Embrace all within you, as you would, the very nature of all of Existence, of all of Creation! Feel deeply into, all that holds you back. Is it not, the very face of limitation that you hold about yourself. Feel deeply into it, the hidden concepts of the mind, that constantly tell you, you cannot go into the unknown. As you embrace these feelings, you will see, that is all they were. That they were never true, that the truth has always been in the Limitless truth of your Eternal Being.

As you live in your Heart, your Eternal Soul constantly moves you into those areas, where only yourself, through the mind, holds you back. Is it not for freedom that you are Here?

Embrace freedom within you, as the process you Allow, that reveals to you, how your mind has held you back. Concepts of the mind, are limitation. That which you are, is beyond words.  Feel into this Truth, as you embrace more fully, through your Heart, your true limitless nature.

Your Freedom is your Mastery, is your Destiny. What is between that experience and your current experience, are simply the concepts of your mind. Free yourself from the limitations you have imposed upon yourself, through your mind. Wake up to your limitless nature, as you begin to SEE clearly, that thoughts, simply have been in the way, of your clear seeing, through your heart.

Move within, do not look out there into the world of appearances, for your eternal Truth. When you align yourself consciously with your Heart and live there fully, all changes for you. So why judge how you are doing by out there? Aren’t the many experiences that simply remove from you all of your attachments, those same experiences, that tell you, you are not that and those things. Beyond the pain is the Truth Dear Souls, if you are only willing to See. To let go of your old ways, that tell you through your mind, the pain, is the truth, stay safe, cling tighter.

Whereas, your Heart says, let go, surrender, be free, do not listen to the thoughts that hold you back. Instead feel deeply into the Truth, that is ever-present, everlasting, and ever true.

So let go now, this moment, surrender, you can do this through your Heart. All that you experience as pain, is only the Pain that says you are separate from your Desires. All of consciousness is Light, and back to the beginning, how are you Using your Light?

How indeed are you Dear Souls? Shine some Light on your own awareness of yourself and let go of the habitual patterns, that say, I can’t go there and I could not do that…All the while your Heart says, go there, see that, embrace that, surrender that, wake up and you Too will be Free, as your Very nature is Freedom! And Is The Victory and love you have searched for earnestly, yet that was alway with you, simply you did not see.

Releasing yourself from your Pain, through the acceptance, that surrender is the Only way through, what you are going through, greatly shifts your conscious reality. This is the feminine Principle that you are beginning to embrace fully. The way is grace and ease. The way that says, you are Divine, please surrender and receive, and this includes now, in this moment, will you use your Light this way? Open and Receive Dear Souls!

I Hold you in the Everlasting Light that you are, your Immortal Body of Light is ever-present, for you Now. Open your Heart, where all the truth exists, and there you will find me. I am with You! I love you eternally in all the moments, that you have always, existed in!

I Am the Victory that has always been for you! I Am the Light that Holds you in Your Light! I Am Eternal Love! I Am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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