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Actualization of The Plan ~ Planet Earth


Actualization of the Plan~ Planet Earth

Before time began, and before the First civilization of Mu (over 550 million years ago) The Elohim Creator Gods created DNA Structures and Created the Blueprints for All of Creation.

The DNA structures, when completed, were then setΒ in Place, for the Actualization of the Plan ~ Now.

The Birthing of the First Creation, Began in Form on Planet Earth on Mu. The Elohim’s Presence in form on Mu, was known as the Priest Queen and King. Mu was a Matriarchal Society, filled with Love. Victoria Elohim was the Priest Queen on Mu. A form needed to be Present for the DNA Structures to be set in Place for the Actualization of the Plan.

The Actualization through the Completion of the First Creation, and the BIRTHING of the NEW Creation, includes, the embodiment again, IN FORM, of the Elohim, Victoria Elohim.

It is through the DNA Structures, that the Full Presence and The Birth of the New Creation, Takes Place~ the Actualization of the Plan.

As you Prepare, during this VERY Important Opening for YOU, INTO and BEYOND March 20th, 2014, (including after March 20th) KNOW that it is through the Full Awakening of Your Heart Space, that You will Hear the Signal, sent out through the Elohim Creator Gods, Victoria Elohim.

As your Heart hears the Signal, Your DNA will spontaneously ACTIVATE within You, and your New Birth and the Birth of the New Creation will Move through YOU.

The Beginning* of this Birthing Process will appear to “Start” Suddenly.
This Begins* at the Decisive Moment, Known Only in the “Full Actualization” of the Plan.

What may seem as Days* Held in Darkness, the Void, may later appear in Your memory, as an eternal moment* Your New Birth.

Use this appointed time, for full preparation. Move into your Heart, stay present there. The Plan is perfect and unstoppable, Know ALL, Β is Now in Place.

I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am With You Now ~Through All Creation! Now is Victory! I Am!


In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light


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