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Many Worlds ~ Many Universes

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The Term Universe means One “Uni” There are many Universes, Omni-Verses!!
I also exist in other Universes.

This Universe includes Duality and Non Duality. In Duality Time and Distance are experienced. It is a measurement tool, which measures change.

As an example the M51 Galaxy, where I also Exist appears to be over 20 million Light Years Away. Yet to me, there is no distance between here and there. I experience myself, here on Planet Earth and there, simultaneously. I experience myself on all Dimensions, Worlds and Universes all at once, consciously.

The very nature of Consciousness itself, includes within it, the awareness of All That is.
Awakening to Full Consciousness, through the Heart, is the Portal of Awareness, that exceeds the expectations and limitations, of the mind and Duality.

The mind awareness will move in flow and Harmony, when one enters Fully, into the awakened consciousness of All That is, within and through the Heart.

To be aware of other worlds, Parallel worlds, other Universes and Beings in other Dimensions and between Dimensions, one simply enters the consciousness of All That is, through the Heart.

When you connect to your Soul, in full Union, the total experience of you that is eternal, which includes existences, experiences, itself.

Is this not what Mastering Duality is for? To Know the True You? The Eternal You that has never been cut off from the Awareness of ALL THAT YOU Are?

Pause and Breathe for a few Moments.  Center your awareness on your Heart and relax.

Recognize there is a “YOU” that exists, that knows all of this. This ‘YOU” is Light.

There is a “YOU” that exists, that has never NOT known your Full Conscious Union as a Soul, Everywhere! 

This is where my words are leading you to.

To the Fullness of You, The personal Experience You, of All That is, consciously. You as Light, you as an Eternal Soul, You as your Immortal Body of Light.

This is what consciousness is. 

AWARENESS of Itself.  

When you awaken, you awaken. There are no parts held back.

You are not cut off. Connect THROUGH YOUR Heart. When you return the Source awareness of You as a Divine Being of Love, through Your Heart, you have found your Way home. You have completed Duality. You have Mastered Form.

Spend time CONSCIOUSLY moving deep within your Heart. Be clear with yourself on your TRUE Desires, of the Heart.

Stay present in Harmony and be aware, consciously, when you move into Disharmony and consciously move back into your Heart, Your Eternal Presence, into Harmony. This is the Coherent Frequency that ALIGNS you and all of your bodies, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, with your Eternal Soul, the you that KNOWS itself, everywhere.

Listen to my Frequency Transmissions and Initiations, they ALL will help move you deeper into your Heart, into Harmony and into Alignment with your Soul.  Your Immortal Body of Light.

I Love you Sacred Souls! I Am the Victory that is for You! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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