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Embrace the Season of The Thinnest Veil

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The Mystery and Magic, of Love Divine,
Flows within you, your Heart and Mine.

Embrace the Season, of the thinnest Veil,
filled with love, the Holy Grail.

Is the Greatest adventure, here on Earth,
your evolving, and, your New Birth.

Seeing Beyond, what you have Seen,
embracing the unknown, in the hidden Dream.

Exists through time, All as One,
between the Worlds, and it is Done.

Incarnations, and supposed Death,
is eternal life, through every Breath.

So Enter they Mysteries, of Parallel Worlds,
deep in your Heart, the magic Swirls.

Of Angels, Devas, and Ancient Beings Too,
enter the Sacred Rituals, in all that you Do.

Now is the time, to be Present with,
what lives within you, as Archetypal Myth.

And in Embracing, now, All that you Are,
you live as Truth, an everlasting Star.




I Love you Dear Souls!!



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As the morning, arises within me

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As the morning, arises within me,
I taste the ecstasy of you, within my heart.

A burning flame, living deeply in passion,
two hearts joined, as One.

Dreaming awake, never asleep,
the real, as tangible as a fresh breeze.

Wherever I look, there you are,
my heart, the sacred chalice,
holding you.

In every breath, in all worlds,
I feel your touch, always, with me.

You are the river, that flows through me,
the earth that holds me, and the sunlight,
that warms, me.

I feel you as the gentle tenderness,
as a whisper, in all worlds,
beyond time.

As we enter the sacrament, of our bodies joined,
the temple heart, ignites and awakens.

The calling, of long ago,
lives forever, now here.

The echo of our union, moves deeply,
into the pulsating core of the universe, itself.

Our bodies, all worlds, merge in the ecstasy,
of us, as truly One.

My body, held by you, is Anointed with your love,
the elixir that is Eternal.

Awakened by you, for you,
I rest in you, now.

In the mystery of creation,
you have created, me.

Our union, beyond and throughout time,
is the Holy Sacredness, of you, My Forever,
Beloved, My Love.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!


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