The Realignment~5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura Pleiadian

For Many of YOU that have worked consciously with energy for years, you may have experienced a peaceful Transition into functioning with the Energies of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. For many of You this has been a 7-10 Year, realigning Process. That has culminated, into the New Beginning, where you ARE Living, Being in the Present Moment, and Living in Love. You have practised functioning this Way, and NOW you are applying Your Love, Your Acceptance in every Moment. You have Arrived, You are Present.

Any areas, that were NOT yet in this Alignment, are swiftly being Readjusted and Rearranged into the Alignment of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. This is Cosmic Grace.

Meaning whatever was hidden is now brought to the LIGHT of Acceptance and LOVE, to BE Transformed and Realigned. This does not mean you have done anything wrong, WHATEVER was the reaction and response through fear, is simply BEING Transformed BY 5th Dimensional Love.

Those areas, that have survived in the Background of Consciousness are NOW being Placed in the Forefront, to be handled, swiftly, into this Realignment. This energy Realignment, may feel quite Uncomfortable, because it is targeting specifically, those areas in 3D consciousness that you may not have wanted to deal with, and you were subconsciously Waiting, for this Grace that you knew would bring this Transformation On.

For those of YOU who Entered with a Lot of Energy not yet transformed, an OVERHAUL type of experience, may be what you are currently FACING in the NOW Moment. This can feel quite overwhelming, as NOW everything is Being brought to the Light of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, and IS UP TO BE LOVED AND ACCEPTED.

There is No bypassing this Acceptance and Love.

You SEE what you neglected to FACE. You KNOW it is there to be LOVED. You know that is the ONLY Way You are free forever from this FEELING of Fear, pulsating through your body.

Whether you are experiencing Tremendous Bliss or Overwhelming Fear, APPLY the Acceptance, 5th Dimensional Consciousness. MAKING no Difference, responding Neutrally TO WHATEVER Arises within YOU.

I Accept my Bliss and Ecstasy.

I Accept Grace.

I Accept my overwhelming Fear.

I Accept that this is Uncomfortable.

I hold myself in Love and Acceptance.

I Accept others may be experiencing JOY and Bliss.

I Accept others might Not Be yet.

I Accept that the WAY this unfolds for everyone is the WAY 5th Dimensional Consciousness is DOING THIS.

I Accept the Realigning of ALL areas of my Consciousness and Life, is unfolding Perfectly.

I live in Love.

I live in the Now Moment.

I have Arrived.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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  1. 💜 Love L’Aura 💜 Yes 💜 Accepting, Applying, in All Moments 💜 Thank You 💜 Thank You

  2. music to my ears. blessings and gratitude. xo

  3. 💜Yes💜 Beautiful💜 Sacred💜 Thank YOU L’Aura💜💜

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