And Again What NOW~5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura Pleiadian

So Many of YOU are going through Tremendous Bliss and Joy having Arrived and having left the “waiting” of a future that only represented being non present (3D Consciousness) and many of you are Moving in and out of 5th Dimensional Consciousness and are GOING through a healing crisis, where things aren’t the way you “expected” them to be and you don’t feel the way you “anticipated” to feel.

The Voice that tells you~ this isn’t the way I wanted it to be, is NOT the YOU in 5th Dimensional Consciousness speaking, it is the voice of 3D Consciousness.

When YOU KNOW this and Accept this, and ACCEPT the Transition that is PART of your PARTICIPATION in your OWN Evolution through APPLYING the Awareness you NOW knowΒ of 5th Dimensional CONSCIOUSNESS, that is, Β Unconditional LOVE and ACCEPTANCE to the OLD way, that is LITERALLY falling AWAY, YOU will experience Greater and Greater MOMENTS in the PRESENT MOMENT, because you have already arrived. You have already mastered this, YOU are simply Remembering how to do this. And To apply what you already KNOW.

Once you FULLY PRACTISE AND Know how to ride a Bicycle, you no longer fall off and then riding becomes Β second Nature.

You are ON the Bike and YOUR TRAINING WHEELS ARE NOW OFF (Now you are doing it! You are Riding 5th Dimensional Consciousness) if you fall off, APPLY what you KNOW and get back on. YOU are the ONE in charge of how you handle YOUR consciousness, are you NOT?

You take care of your house, your chores, your body, and maybe a bike or a car. NOW take care of HOW your Consciousness is FUNCTIONING through the APPLICATION of 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

So what if you fall off the bike? WHO is watching but YOU? Get back on and KNOW that as you apply ACCEPTANCE to all the ways you ANTICIPATED and EXPECTED and DEMANDED for you to feel, you are Transforming and Being the MASTER of Earth Reality (that you already are) and YOU are paving the way, making it EASIER for those, in this current Evolution of Consciousness on Earth, who decide to arrive (remember) at a different time, so to speak.

You are the TRAIL BLAZERS for so many. You are Mastering Remembering BEING the MASTER that you Already Are.

YOU ALWAYS EXISTED in 5th Dimensional Consciousness, You are an Eternal Soul.

You already mastered riding the bike of 5th Dimensional Consciousness.


Leave behind all Judgements, ALL Anticipation, ALL Expectations and Exist in the PRESENT MOMENT, where you WILL FIND, you enter a LIFE far greater than you could ever IMAGINE.

ALL will EXPERIENCE the GRACE and BEAUTY and FULFILLMENT of their Destiny, in their OWN Unique Timing. IT is not a race on the BIKE. It is everyone ARRIVING. Everyone Celebrating EVERYONE Arriving.

REMEMBER everyone has already done this. Everyone is remembering and Arriving.

I Accept that it is ok to be in Bliss right Now.

I Accept that it is ok If I am not yet experiencing Bliss and Others Are.

I Accept I may forget to be in the PRESENT MOMENT.

I Accept it is all UNFOLDING perfectly for everyone in their OWN WAY.

I Accept I am in Charge of my OWN Consciousness.

I Accept my DESTINY NOW.

I APPLY 5th Dimensional CONSCIOUSNESS in every MOMENT of my Day.

I Remember HOW to do this CONSCIOUSLY.

IF I forget to Remember CONSCIOUSLY, or others do, it is OK as well.

I Am Fully Conscious and AWARE that I ALREADY exist in 5th Dimensional CONSCIOUSNESS and I am simply REMEMBERING, and applying this remembering ~NOW.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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  2. Marja Thibaudier

    πŸ’œYesπŸ’œ Accept all and remembering How to do this NOWπŸ’œ Thank you L’AuraπŸ’œ Love youπŸ’œ

  3. thanks for this, laura. there was sooooo much focus and anticipation of wave x/lunar eclipse, NOW feels somewhat anticlimactic. and so, yes…i am grateful that i am not ‘supposed’ to feel blissful, masterful of 5d, etc…that i can accept ALL as is…including and most important, myself. so yes…deep, heartfelt thanks, laura. *tingles* ❀

  4. Thank you so much! Accepting, allowing, applying, as you have shown me. I love you, L’Aura! xoxoxo ❀️

  5. Accept πŸ’œ Allow πŸ’œ Apply πŸ’œ All Is Now In The Present Moment πŸ’œ Deeply Felt in All Moments, Love to You L’Aura πŸ’œ Thank You

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