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Full Moon in Pisces, September 13/14th, 2019 ~ Rebirth

cropped-LAuraWhat is “Now” asks the mind? the heart responds, if you can hear me ~  it is the “what is” without the obscurity of attachment or resistance. It is the purity of Being, the fulfillment of Being ~ that always knows itself as that. 

Death and Rebirth, rising into your Ascended Being.

Transcending duality of consciousness. This is on the table for those as a frequency, who have passed through the fiery transformation, into a NEW Being. Transfigured, transformed, reborn.

This Full Moon on September 13th/14th ~ on September 14th at 1:32 am ADT and for some of you will be on Friday September 13th ~ is one of REBIRTH. 

All Full Moons reveal the inherent discrepancies of the conscious mind with the subconscious mind. That is ~ with what you desire and the alignment in frequency with that, to ~ what you are actually vibrating as.

This vibration includes, your hidden karmic memories, your thought forms, your emotions. What is it you are actually vibrating as? Which level of being?

The highest purest frequencies in alignment with your true purpose and hearts desires are ~ through the harmony of LIVING in your Heart awareness.

This is what being present is and when you actualize your awareness of the ETERNAL true you. The one that has incarnated over and over ~ FOR THIS. For your ascension and unification. Descending and then Ascending.

This Full Moon in Pisces in all its glory, initiates all those that are ready into MORE of the embodiment of their TRUE Being.

With the Full Moon sextile Pluto, there will be a beneficial and positive facilitating of the rebirth process.

With the Full Moon and Neptune in the Constellation Pheonix, we have great assistance, with this transformation ~ rebirthing, alchemical process.

Sun Opposite the Moon, opens up the subconscious and activates the karmic memories in the cellular consciousness and blueprint, to be activated, to be cleared through the heart, when ready.

Jupiter square Neptune may awaken dormant fears, doubts and deception. The T square with Mars, brings rebellious outbreaks, scandals, fear.

With Pluto sextile the Full Moon, the subconscious becomes the sifted through substance, laid bare through the fiery gates of alchemy with intense emotional concoctions added to the mix ~  that lead to your rebirth and awakening.

Mars opposite Neptune, fear mixed with doubt, may be the platter of the day for many.

Mars square Jupiter, leads to powerful risk taking, which may work In your favour, or may not, depending on your subconscious/conscious/heart frequency levels.

The Full Moon conjunct Neptune and the Full Moon square Jupiter may awaken fears and doubts that also may lead you to greater self awareness and transformation. The Full Moon opposite Mars will bring robust energy that may be used for your transformation and rebirth, as you are ready.

Those resistant to change, and laden with subconscious fears, yet to be opened, may find this a shaking up experience, of that which they knew not, was within them.

What is NOW ~ going through you is what is being served to YOU VIA your Blueprint/ life plan, now.  This NOW experience is exactly what IS facilitating your rebirth.

Trusting what is going through you NOW ~ is what is meant to be, that allows you to enter new levels of being ~ IS what will allow you to shift through levels of frequency with harmony and ease, through your heart.

Let go of all that keeps you from facing the fears, held in the darkness of the dormant, hidden self. Leading to the Light that is the Heaven on Earth, you came here to be ~ to Ascend.

Enter now the emotional waters of distillation.  These waters purify you as you enter all the gateways and portals, that lead you to your rebirth. 

We are with you, it is now, it is through the Heart and here we ARE.




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Full Moon, April 19th, 2019 ~ Ready Or Not

L'AuraPThis Full Moon in Libra on April 19th, 2019, at 8:12 am ADT is a powerful activator of imbalances within your consciousness. All Full Moons bring to light that which is in discrepancy between your subconscious (energetic memories; karma) and your desires and intentions.

Experiences are always working out for your evolution, even if you do not enjoy them, there is intelligence beyond this world at play, through all circumstances. The more you live truly trusting this, the greater the clearing of your karma as energetic impulses, held in the memory bank of the cosmos.

Your consciousness does not escape the program to which you agreed to before incarnation, it goes through, that which was agreed upon before arriving. The good and the seeming bad, do not take place through happenstance. All experiences are orchestrated for the best, for evolution.

The areas of consciousness that may be stimulated and activated, if a discrepancy exists within you subconscious (as memories not yet cleared) with your intentions on the previous new moon, may be related to arrogance, pride, better than thou, attitudes, and entitlement issues. All of these stem from fear and separation through past life hurt and pain or this life, where the closing off of openness of the heart occurred. These highly held pain memories; energetically charged, are what may be up, during this full moon, lasting till the next new moon.

Again all of this is for your evolution, as whatever is within your consciousness, as a frequency, signals out and the feedback loop is always perfect. You experience what you are vibrating as.

Emotions and feelings may run high, within you or with those around you. The answer is always the same, pause, do not do anything rash, reflect, breathe, and be present in the moment through your heart.

All issues of separation memories, exist within time frames. That is; if you are present, those fears are not alive in that state. That is why so many attempt to escape those feelings through temporary addictions or relationships, that feel good in the moment. Yet they are still there, waiting to be cleared within you, so that the impulses that were the closing off of your presence and heart, never occur again.

Instead what you will experience as things come up and you place your awareness on now and the moment through your heart (and in all moments)  is the beatific presence of your eternal self, that absolves all, in the moment.

More about this is in my new book “Invoking Blessings” in which all in the subconscious is activated, with the presence of your Cosmic God Self, fully and consciously also, with you, in all moments.

With the Sun conjunct Uranus, the Moon opposite Uranus, the Moon quincunx Venus and with the asteroid Hybris conjunct the Full Moon anything is possible to be activated, through you.

Those that are ready, higher levels of awareness and Union with the eternal self is up on the table, to be present for you through your heart.

For those not ready with energy impulses of karma as memory still brewing in the subconscious, we have potential sudden disruptions, turmoil, any hidden agendas  revealed, arrogance exaggerated and playing out, as if, pride cometh before the fall.

Again, all of this, whether appearing positive or negative, ARE for the benefit of all involved. There is no hidden agenda going on against you. Rather, everything is orchestrated for your evolution, to clear all that still remains of separation consciousness as memory traces within your subconscious.

Then the subconscious becomes conscious, you have access to all that you purely are.

Anger, jealousy, revenge, hatred, entitlement, manipulation, sadness, all stem from these energetic memories.

As if like a cosmic computer, monitoring always your frequency, activating and deactivating programs as beliefs through your energy, is what is GOING THROUGH YOU in all moments. When fully awake you are conscious of this, and all that goes through you, becomes, pure, eternal and love.

Activating you now, with The Divine Council of Overseer, in love, your full awakening as the Cosmic God Self, you eternally are and now.



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The Lords of Karma and MORE

L'Aura ~ in love, always xoCreation ~ the Creator Gods, DNA, human form, ALL reveal the uniqueness of creation. From the finger prints to the eyes, to the DNA.

Beyond that, which is mainly visible to most is the UNIQUE Frequency that one vibrates to and AS.

Each animal is a unique soul. We know all dogs are not the same, and why would we want them the same? We would not,  they are all unique Souls. Beings that also exist beyond the 3D world.

In this the Age of Aquarius, it is about uniqueness, invention, authenticity, wholeness and being consciously merged with the eternal divine Being. to consciously also become aware of being a master of form.

A master of form, means mastery of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, through HARMONY.

Being a master of form is a state of being that already exists for YOU, now.

Because it is a frequency and already exists, you are aligning with it in this MOMENT.

What is taking place, is the removal of all that is not that, the removal of all beliefs, attachments, and resistance to what IS.

Beyond that karma of fear you are harbouring subconsciously is the contract that you agreed to be here and merge in Union with the you that is not fear based, time based or limitation based.

All beings on Earth that incarnate through the Earth program will all graduate and Ascend.

What matters is the focus on YOU and your evolution in the now moment, then all falls into place, effortlessly.

Memories that are energetically charged that have not been cleared in your subconscious, are up for transformation. This is what karma is. It is no mystery.

It is the baggage you carry with you, that is not the true you.

For now, let us focus on the TRUE unique Being that already exists as a master of form. As this is WHERE it is AT.

Now, we are merging you more, and clearing away those fears, that harbour in the so-called darkness which we bring to the LIGHT.

Some have called us the Lords of Karma, we Are The Divine Council of Overseers and we are present now and always. As it is NOW. In love.



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The Realignment~5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura Pleiadian

For Many of YOU that have worked consciously with energy for years, you may have experienced a peaceful Transition into functioning with the Energies of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. For many of You this has been a 7-10 Year, realigning Process. That has culminated, into the New Beginning, where you ARE Living, Being in the Present Moment, and Living in Love. You have practised functioning this Way, and NOW you are applying Your Love, Your Acceptance in every Moment. You have Arrived, You are Present.

Any areas, that were NOT yet in this Alignment, are swiftly being Readjusted and Rearranged into the Alignment of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. This is Cosmic Grace.

Meaning whatever was hidden is now brought to the LIGHT of Acceptance and LOVE, to BE Transformed and Realigned. This does not mean you have done anything wrong, WHATEVER was the reaction and response through fear, is simply BEING Transformed BY 5th Dimensional Love.

Those areas, that have survived in the Background of Consciousness are NOW being Placed in the Forefront, to be handled, swiftly, into this Realignment. This energy Realignment, may feel quite Uncomfortable, because it is targeting specifically, those areas in 3D consciousness that you may not have wanted to deal with, and you were subconsciously Waiting, for this Grace that you knew would bring this Transformation On.

For those of YOU who Entered with a Lot of Energy not yet transformed, an OVERHAUL type of experience, may be what you are currently FACING in the NOW Moment. This can feel quite overwhelming, as NOW everything is Being brought to the Light of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, and IS UP TO BE LOVED AND ACCEPTED.

There is No bypassing this Acceptance and Love.

You SEE what you neglected to FACE. You KNOW it is there to be LOVED. You know that is the ONLY Way You are free forever from this FEELING of Fear, pulsating through your body.

Whether you are experiencing Tremendous Bliss or Overwhelming Fear, APPLY the Acceptance, 5th Dimensional Consciousness. MAKING no Difference, responding Neutrally TO WHATEVER Arises within YOU.

I Accept my Bliss and Ecstasy.

I Accept Grace.

I Accept my overwhelming Fear.

I Accept that this is Uncomfortable.

I hold myself in Love and Acceptance.

I Accept others may be experiencing JOY and Bliss.

I Accept others might Not Be yet.

I Accept that the WAY this unfolds for everyone is the WAY 5th Dimensional Consciousness is DOING THIS.

I Accept the Realigning of ALL areas of my Consciousness and Life, is unfolding Perfectly.

I live in Love.

I live in the Now Moment.

I have Arrived.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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A New Octave of Being~ New Earth Template


The Living Thought Forms of Humanity that fill the Noosphere and the Morphogenic Field of the Matrix Reality, is Being replaced as the Original Template of Being ~ Blueprint ~ is Downloaded into the very Matrix itself, as the return to Wholeness.

This Alchemical Process, adjusts the main Mass Consciousness of Fear and Limitation, back to the Original Consciousness of Divine Union and True Unconditional Love. When I say Back to, and return I am referring to Conscious Awareness. As in Truth there is no back or forth, everything simply is ~ Now. Since you are in the “time” program, the words guide you to the truth within you.

You are already Whole, the Template of The Earth Matrix Reality which gives the appearance of what you can see is Only what is real, is changing for Each person as the Free Will Choice is made, to see the Eternal Truth of Being, To Be immersed in the Eternal Light of Being.

As the Thought-forms in your Conscious awareness (as you choose) are released, know that the cellular transformation, is very deep, and as you go through this process, you also are impacting the Whole.

Move your awareness CONSTANTLY into the Now Moment. This is the Eternal Flow, this is the accessing of Ease and Grace. And although to the mind, this may appear crazy, it is the ONLY WAY TO GO all the WAY through in consciousness to the New Earth ~ New Way of Being ~ which Template is Heaven on Earth.

I have gone to the far reaches of the Apex of the Octave of Being in the New Earth (so-called future timeline) and here and Now ~ merged all into Greater Higher Levels of Octaves of Being ~ which Shifts~ Powerfully the Template here on this timeline, Earth immersed in the Now Old Matrix of Separation.

To help yourself consciously to transform with the greatest amount of Ease and Grace, stay present, let go of what you Once saw as real, with all of its reactions, repulsions, attachments, and judgements. And enter deeply into your Heart, your Sacred Portal to the Divine Everlasting You ~ that has always Been Here, Now.

Although it may seem you are going through the eye of a needle, there is no way around it, when you go through, you go through.

Holding you in the Everlasting Light of Divine Love ~ The Eternal New Earth Template~ The Return to the Original Design, at a New Octave of Being! 


Eternal Love and Bliss ~ Dear Souls!



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