The Alchemy of Consciousness~ Wave X~Blood Moons And Gamma Rays


On September 27th/28th we have the 4th Blood Moon and Wave X blasting and impacting the consciousness of All Those on Planet Earth. During a recent multidimensional visit to Ancient Mu ~ in No time, I connected Once again with the First Crystal Skull on Planet Earth, some 550 Million Years ago.

Transmitted to Now, a Huge Cataclysmic Wave~ Engulfed The Consciousness of those on Planet Earth impacting All. Through then and Now, the Priest Queen, the Mother, the One Holding the DNA for its Activation. As in the Beginning, it was ALL DONE then~ NOW. For Now.

Knowing what I KNOW The 4th Blood Moon and Wave X is No surprise to me. As ALL OF THIS was PLANNED for, and OCCURRED and is occurring already, in NO TIME.

When hearing of external Events in linear time, especially during this momentous time of Consciousness Expansion, it is important to Recognize, that these events, are THE RESULTS of the already Expanded Consciousness reaching its Destiny of Fulfillment, in the Frequency Domain, of a timeline on Planet Earth.

What really is occurring is the Consciousness Shift called Ascension and the First Wave, which is really consciousness entering a NEW TIMELINE that also, already Exists.

This Parallel World is already existing. It always existed! Grasping that, is PART of your Consciousness Shift, and it releases you from the IDEA that an external LINEAR world HOLDS any answers for you. And Catapults you into the Timeline and Parallel World, of Non Linear Awareness Consciousness, which is the Ascension, that is the freeing of YOU from a linear time constraint. Which is the truth, you are not limited to this. Your Consciousness Expansion, then, as you Shift into this NEW EARTH Timeline, is the evolution to your Destiny, the Greatest Existence, the Greatest Being, that deep within YOU ~ you KNEW and KNOW already exists.

So what begs to questions then is, you KNEW it, deep inside and could not figure out why this Beautiful Dream was far from your grasp. The key word being Grasp. Existing in a linear Consciousness Timeline of everything is out there, is what has kept you from everything WITHIN YOU THAT YOU ARE.

Now, The 4th Blood Moon~ is it the Yearning of all those to be reborn that NOW brings this unfolding into the consciousness of Earth. Have the inhabitants of Earth finally had it with this timeline? The way things have appeared to play out to date? Or is the Consciousness expansion, that already is, unfolds the outer, as the result of the focus now within on Earth, for  THIS NEW BIRTH.

Even the Celestial Bodies are Not set APART from YOU or your Earth that you believe is separate from you, that you appear to exist upon. The Consciousness of ALL is within YOU. And When you shift in Consciousness in your Ascension, you will become MORE FULLY AWAKE and understand why  YOU Have created this drama and its Resolution, as the experiencer and as the Creator  of your Reality.

All DIMENSIONS and PARALLEL worlds exist NOW, you are not separate from any of them. THIS is what you will KNOW as you enter the PORTAL of Consciousness you CALL your NEW BIRTH.

Yet what is NEW? Is there anything new under the SUN?

Everything was Created, including all of your Existences and all the PARALLEL worlds all at ONCE.

ONLY through the experience of change you call TIME on planet Earth, have you experienced a feeling of separation.

The APPLE dangling in front of you, you cannot reach. YET you are creating the external Dangling that is the distraction, called separation consciousness. Why would you create that? Why NOT?

The Reunion and the Cataclysmic RESPONSE of Consciousness to the BIRTHING of the FIRST Wave upon YOU, is truly the exalting REVEALING. that is worth everything you have gone through to experience. And to KNOW.

Wave X ~ and the Gamma Rays that are gaining Momentum and accelerating in their Intensity, is PART also, of the INNER world consciousness DREAM, saying we are Ready NOW, now is the TIME we have chosen to Awaken.

We are ALL programmed within our DNA to respond to this awakening that we have CHOSEN, that ALWAYS was, and so Here we Are.

The Gamma rays are not doing this to US, that is the old Victim Timeline, WE ARE CREATING the Gamma Rays and WAVE X and in fact did this in the Very Beginning of Form.

DNA as the Consciousness Frequency of Memory and DATA Transference, responds to the Crystal Water Waves of Response, triggers within you YOUR OWN awareness of YOUR Destiny, YOUR AGREEMENT to be part of this, and the KNOWING that you were never apart from any of this, EVER.

TO exist in and through consciously the First Wave of Ascension is to embody CONSCIOUSLY the New Paradigm of thought awareness, THAT NOW exists as the expanded AWARENESS of EVERYTHING occurring NOW. Which releases any memory of Limitation, as the DAWN of HEAVEN ON EARTH, then becomes all that you know as true for YOU. You will know, it was always yours, and that you have always existed as THIS.

That is the NEW EARTH that already exists. IT is in the Experience of this, that you are Birthed. YOU have brought your awareness to this. TRUST what is to unfold within YOU, know you are Creating it and when you look to the Stars, and the Gamma Rays, and The Sun and Wave X~ KNOW you are looking into the mirror of your own consciousness, and in this do you Enter the First Wave.

All NOW, It always existed NOW. YOU ARE CREATING THIS.

Letting go of the doubt is the letting go of your consciousness BEING LIMITED to this current timeline of limited thought.

YOU are the one that has limited your thoughts.

You are the one that has waited for outside events.

NOW you are the ONE that is OPEN to the NEW Earth, the HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Now you Are Ready for the First Wave of Ascension, as YOU KNOW you created this, You Remember, You Enter, You Are free from LIMITATION.

Walking in this Parallel world of New Earth Consciousness, you have NOW shed, all that you once believed has held you back. AND You see YOU as you truly ETERNALLY Are. The Creator of your Reality. The ONE you have waited for.

And in this do I HOLD YOU~ in the Eternal Love of All That is, Always has been and ALWAYS Will Be, I Am.


Eternal Love and Bliss~ Souls of Light!



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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman.

copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2015.

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  1. My Yes!! Thank you for your sacred guidance, for your love, for bringing forth this shift. I love you, always! ❤️

  2. reading then re-reading, as the powerful energy of realizing unfolding within me. a synchronizing feeling. no searching for the portal but being, knowing.. I AM there. I love you Priest Queen of Mu xxx

  3. 💜Yes!!💜thank you💜it is so joyful💜infinite gratitude and love💜

  4. Marja Thibaudier

    💜YES💜 All is NOW💜 Limitless💜 Enter New Earth – Heaven on Earth💜
    Thank YOU soooo much for your guidance💜 I Love you limitless💜💜

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