The Activation of Your Original Blueprint


The Complete Activation of your Blueprint and your Original Design of Being is the Integration of your Light Codes, you as Your Soul, you and ALL of your Multidimensional incarnations, as a WHOLE, through your Heart and through the Eternal Light ~ Source of Being ~that You Are. (Although this appears as Words~ this is a Transmission of Light)

When Being the complete Wholeness that you are and Holding the Vibration of Complete Union, not only are you in Full Union, Masculine and Feminine but also throughout all Dimensions of Existence~ all Levels of Your Being.

Some may call this Cosmic Consciousness ~ Yet what is often thought of as Cosmic Consciousness is still a Partial Window ~ into ~ what exists as Whole Already.

Obscured within Mass Consciousness is the vague underlying sense of Entitlement that Pervades the minds of the People leading them into deeper and deeper deception. Versus~ The Present moment sense of “Being” in Gratitude lives in the Freedom of the Soul and its Sojourn into realms of form through Eternal Light, existing in the Pure Eternal Heart of the One.

When you access the Portal through your Heart and enter into Full Union with Your Soul you Know your Being as Not separated ~ you KNOW that you exist as All of Existence. That No thing is outside of you. This is the Change of Heart ~ that Shifts your Consciousness from existing as if separated existing in  Mass Consciousness to Consciously Existing in the Unified Field of All Awareness of Being ~ Your Eternal Being~ All That is.

This is the Shift of Ascending ~ as Termed on Planet Earth, it is the Transformation Full Circle or what may appear as even backwards through time, YOUR return to your Original State of Being ~ while consciously holding a Form, in the Full State of Being that is Bliss, that is the Full Accessing and Being of All That you Truly Are.

The Duality Game of Separation is Just that, you as Source individuated Soul Frequency, experiencing various stages of separation ALL simultaneously, playing the game of forgetting the various aspects of your Soul, to ONCE again, experience your Being in the Original First Design of Being.

To the limited self mind (mass consciousness) this may feel like a daunting task, with little memory of anything besides your day-to-day schedule that you call life.

Yet to your Soul there is great amusement at the Human aspect, playing along its limiting role, in the so-called denseness of Planet Earth and Mass Consciousness.

Dare to Enter ALL that you Are ~ through Your Heart and Be Transformed in a single Moment, a twinkling of a Star so to speak, to the Eternal Embodiment and the Ascended YOU ~ that you Already Are.

This requires relinquishing ALL of your Attachments (and sufferings) ~ to See clearly through the window of your Soul, the truth, and once you Enter, this is no turning Back. The Earth dream of separation will then Vanish, as if a Dream.

And the Dawn of the New Earth will be YOU in Full Glory ~ Your Soul~ your Immortal Body of Light, and you will see through the EYES of Pure Being ~ your Divinity and ALL THAT YOU have Always and always will Be.

And the Moment of Pure Awareness of Being~ Arrives as the Moment of choice through the Heart ~and the Return to Light in the Ascended State of Being, is the Grand Victory Celebration, Arriving Full Circle, Complete Unto itself,  already Known. The Original Design of Pure Being~ Heaven on Earth.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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  1. a gentle grabbing and shaking me from sleep, you as the Creator Goddess, nudging me to come to my Heart. The portal. To Awaken. I feel your loving but firm embrace. I love you Victoria Elohim ❀ ❀

  2. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  3. great ❀ L'Aura ❀

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