Are you BEING Enough?


Are You Enough? When you strip away how you look, what you own, who is in your life, who is not in your life, are you enough?

When You take everything away, and JUST look into the eyes of YOU in a mirror, are you ENOUGH?

Is there still something out there you are attempting to SEEK?

Are you Enough?

Letting go of ALL outside of you, if you lost it all, or already have no thing, is YOU BEING YOU ~ enough for YOU?

If Not, there is nothing outside of you that will FULLY and deeply Satisfy YOU, it is always YOU to YOU, even if you do not recognize or fully KNOW this truth yet within you. There can appear to be temporary things that come along and appear to grab your attention, but it is fleeting, and when it goes, there goes your sense of satisfaction and temporary happiness. UNCONDITIONAL Love~ is LOVING you all of YOU now, with nothing else ADDED. It is Being enough.

Only when you are ENOUGH for YOU and Truly love yourself can anyone else be ENOUGH also! (funny how that works) YOU MUST love yourself unconditionally to LOVE anyone else unconditionally.

So Look at all you experience, through this view, the view of YOU, take it or leave it, it is YOU this is your incarnation, and you take it or leave it, it is up to YOU.

What it will come down to though, is still You to YOU, your Being to Your Being. Everything else is a reflection, of the YOU, that you literally seeking, you have just been looking in the wrong places. Or maybe you have not, maybe YOU truly KNOW the True YOU.

IF You do, then you are Blessed!

Because the Greatest Gift in Life you can give to YOURSELF is the Gift of YOU!

Did You know that?

YOU are the Greatest Gift you can Give Yourself, so right NOW, Breathe In and Feel this:

I am the Greatest Gift of Life, I Gift myself, my Pure Being Now.

I love myself fully and completely, I am Enough, I am more than Enough.

I no longer base my sense of Self worth and self Image on anything outside of Myself, because I KNOW that I am Enough, I know I am the Greatest Gift Β and it is Up to me, to Gift My Being to Me Now.

I fully Love All That I Am, I have always Been more than Enough.



Eternal Love and Bliss ~ Dear Souls!



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  1. Wow! this is amazing, thanks for explain to usπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’š

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