Vibrating as Divine Light ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Truth is Union. Being in Harmony is Your Alignment with your Soul. YOUR is Heaven on Earth. It is the VIBRATION of the TRUE ETERNAL YOU. That has always existed and will always exist.

Being Disharmony is Your alignment with Mass Consciousness ~ the Matrix. It is the Vibration of Separation consciousness, the appearance of separation is not truth, only because it is a limited version of Being, so it is NOT fully the TRUTH. Non truth is limited, it is partial ~it seeks that which it does not have in its version of Frequency  Consciousness Being.

Being in HARMONY is the restructuring, reconfiguring and the COHERENT ORGANIZING of all matter (LIGHT) that shapes what appears as your outer Reality (your experience of being on Earth) To full alignment of Harmony, in all bodies, Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional.  This Union is  Bliss, is Happiness and is YOUR Heaven on Earth. It is YOU vibrating to the Signal of Union, of Bliss, AS YOUR ETERNAL LIGHT BODY.

You are Light and you are Broadcasting your signal ~ Harmony and Union (5th Dimension)  or Disharmony and Separation Consciousness (3D) in all moments. Sometimes you are GOING in and OUT of different worlds, this can appear seamless, and sometimes not as seamless. 

These seamless or not so seamless Jumps in realities are something you MAY desire to place your attention upon. To become fully CONSCIOUS of.  It isn’t that the world outside of you WILL CHANGE it is that you CHANGE and ALIGN with your chosen broadcasting signal ~HEAVEN on EARTH or not.

Everything was created at ONCE ~ not in Time. It ALL exists NOW. That is How I am on the Pleiades, I may Visit Atlantis Now and Mu, and all at once, as well as Allow this form I am in, to appear on earth as Harmoniously~ Being. Because it is all going on SIMULTANEOUSLY NOW.  All of Your existences were Created Before Time began. Before Time there was no beginning and No End. and that still exists, that is the LIMITLESS STATE OF BEING.

Time in Denseness is SEPARATION consciousness.

Light in Harmony is ALIGNMENT with all Dimensions and Limitless Being.

Only in Separation Consciousness does the APPEARANCE of TIME ~ make things APPEAR apart, and make time appear real. It  is a vibration a frequency in density, that YOU NO Longer have to vibrate to.

When you focus on Being Harmony, and Knowing yourself as your Eternal BEING OF LIGHT (that you are) you access ALL dimensions, and experience your Limitless TRUE Being.

Now mortal language does not translate this perfectly. Once YOU are “BEING” Alignment with Source, Union, and Harmony, (mortal translation 5D) you access ALL DIMENSIONS.  Even the word dimensions, is a linear word, as it implies SEPARATION.

Other channels exist simultaneously (parallel) They were ALL created once again, BEFORE TIME. They are eternal and have always EXISTED.  When you change the signal you are broadcasting You change YOUR experience of Reality. Your signal creates the dimension and world (reality of consciousness) you exist in.

What are you In tune with? Are you in tune in alignment with YOUR LIGHT BODY Now? Do you desire to be?

There are many worlds and parallel worlds, ALL EXISTING NOW. Your Light Body exists NOW. It is Eternal.
When you change the channel on your Television, there are many OTHER (maybe thousands) channels broadcasting simultaneously, even if you do not SEE them, they are Broadcasting.

The Question is do you want to exist in ONE channel? Or do you desire to ACCESS all BROADCASTING Channels, which is the TRUTH.  Remember Truth is Union, Non Truth is Separation. Again, When you Change your Channel, you change your Broadcast. Your Frequency is your Channel and Your Focus is the DIAL THAT YOU SET along with your intentions and ATTENTION upon that which you are BEING. Being ~ Not DOING ~ BEING.

Only in Union and Harmony will you ALIGN with your LIGHT BODY ~ Your TRUE Eternal SOUL. Live in Union, Live in Harmony, live as BEING ~ rather than DOING ~ Focus on BEING LIGHT ~ in All MOMENTS.

Take a few breaths, relax and read out loud or whisper, through your Heart:

I Am an Eternal Being of Light, I Live as Light ~ Being. I Am Limitless, I Am Eternal, I have always existed, and Always will.

I Am Forever. I Am Truth. I Am Light. I Am Everywhere in All Moments. I Am the Light of Love and Truth Being ~ I Am.

In Eternal Love ~ Being!


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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  1. well said thank you for clarifying and remembering who we are , well said.

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