Full Moon in Scorpio ~ May 3rd/4th, 2015


Here we are the Full Moon Day in Scorpio! May 4th, 2015 12:42am ADT ~ During the Full Moon the light of the Sun completely fills the Moon, and marks the beginning of a 2 week period of waning, where the light starts to go away. During this 2 weeks after the Full Moon to the moment, is a receding phase, and represents a RELEASE.

Mercury Retrograde is just around the corner, May 18~ June 11 2015.  Remember to take care of those things, appointments, repairs and electronics, and decision-making, before Mercury Retrograde.

Would you like the emotional energy to get any more powerful? Take some time to ponder how invested you are in your Emotions (notice this) as your emotions surface in the light of this Full Moon as the unveiling of that what appears hidden and is the trajectory of your emotional body!

This Full Moon in Scorpio is a Grand Opportunity to willingly witness and observe, what deep inside you, is calling attention to itself. Emotional Clearing and Emotional acceptance of what the nature of emotions are, is the first step in self-awareness, and in the observing, therefore creating consciously, of ones reality.

Many get caught up in believing ~they are their emotions,  therefore if they feel this or that, it is them. The Freedom lives as the Knowing of the Eternal Truth of Ones Being, that consciously observes All and knows the reactions as mental thoughts and emotions, is WHAT creates the experience, one experiences.

I am Asking you to step back from what you view as your reality, Now and during this Powerful Full Moon (which is always a culmination and completion) observe consciously as the observer of your reality your emotions and thoughts, and ponder how these emotions and thoughts have affected, all that you desire. The New Moon sets in motion what you desire as your new Beginning and  the Full Moon unveils (and helps you to be aware of what desires to be released) of what is in the way so to speak, to that which you have intentioned as your desire.

Sadness, depression, separation and lack, is what creates, ALL that appears as Lack and separation in your reality/experience. You do not feel sadness and lack BECAUSE of sadness and Lack, your emotional immersion in your sadness and lack, creates your reality experience of sadness and lack. It is so amazing when you do clearly see, you truly are creating your Reality.

Adopting the conscious stance of Being the Observer OF ALL that goes through your awareness as YOUR experience, is your Vibrational Home Signal, that ultimately YOU DO WANT TO SEE, so that you can consciously VIE what and  how you have created all along, what you call the circumstances and experiences of your Reality/Existence of your life, here on Earth.

There is no OUT there or reality Impacting You. You are impacting in all moments, through your focus and emotional experiences and thoughts, that WHICH APPEARS to Be out there!

So Really step into the Truth of You this Intense and Beautiful Full Moon in Scorpio! See what arises and surfaces and observe, how You have attached to your emotions and thoughts, with or without consciously recognizing that all along, your identifying with your emotions, was your Creation, and created the experience of Your emotions. That may be Joy and Bliss and Love, or that may be sadness separation and Fear. There is no judgement, only by you to you. So without judgement, see clearly (which is the neutral Observer) that which you have and are creating IN ALL MOMENTS. And experience the Great Blessing the Clarity of this Full Moon ~ desires to Impart~ as the very  Awareness of Your Creative Reality/Experience.

I am holding you in Eternal Love, and in the Great Victory~ which is the Light of Your Eternal Soul~ that forever has always Been ~All That is! Happy Full Moon!


Happy Full Moon!



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  1. Thank you L’Aura. Observing , releasing and connecting with the Goddess Moon. Gratitude and Love for You and All that It Is

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    Wow!!! This is so powerful! I will and went deeper to face some that shows up YES!
    Releasing! Thank you L’Aura Love you ❤

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