Beings ~Viewing Planet Earth


Activity Viewed from Above Earth ~ and Transmitted To Planet Earth~ From Above!

The large Orbit surrounding the Sun, as shown in the picture (photo taken in April 2015) was a phenomenal Experience of Being Viewed by Beings Behind the Orbit, which also included my seeing Behind the Orbit and the Sun. As you can see there is a Rainbow encompassing the Orbit, the Sun is Pink, with a Blue orb in its exact Centre.

I had to lay down to take the picture, as this Orbit was filling the Entire Sky! This was not flat.

Rays of Blue Light shine out from the Centre as well as Sacred Geometry all throughout the picture, including two inverted Triangles. Some see many Squares, and some see the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

I Heard Sounds as if machinery, of transmission and Knew myself to Be scanned by the Beings behind the Orbit. I Also saw clearly Behind this Orbit ~ Veil. The appearance around me, including the grass, during this Transmission, transformed into multicoloured light.

Behind the Orbit was what looked like to me a Layer of Glass, with Beings Watching and Projecting their Experiences toΒ what was their Interface we call Planet Earth.

Is the Earth really round? Is all of this on Earth not as it seems to be?
Is this the Projection and Holographic Play Ground of the Many Beings, that View Us? Which includes ourselves from Above? As Above so Below!

I know the Watching and the Viewing is part and parcel of the Downloads into the Morphogenic Field (through the Elohim Creator Gods) which REALLY is the Playing out of The Creation itself. in NO TIME experiencing what appears asΒ through Time.

Potentially in Earth time, the Orbit was created thousands or even millions of Years ago, as All things were created, way before the Appearance of showing up, on Planet Earth through time.

Consciousness Projecting Consciousness, which is the Holographic Vision of What you call Reality, which is composed of the Visuals, that may be termed, Virtual Reality, yet is made of the Substance called ~ Source Consciousness, which is Creation itself, directing its Creation.

Mortal Language does not translate perfectly, This Source Substance is the willed use of your Imagination. This includes thoughts and Emotions!

I am speaking to the Beings that were Occupying the Interface of the Orbit, as well as seeing behind, the View From above, Planet Earth, and I will share with You, the Unveiling, of All That is!




Eternal Love and Bliss!

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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    Wowwwww beyond ! Amazing and so Sacred ❀ I truly Love this ❀ beyond words ❀ Thank you Sacred L'Aura for sharing ❀

  2. Grand and awe inspiring, feeling you as The Doorway to Eternity. i love you Divine Mother, L’Aura ❀ ❀

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