The Creator Gods~ Mu ~and Form


The Experience and Perceived appearance of “Form” is not as it seems to be on Planet Earth. This was not always so. On Mu At the Beginning of Earth during the very first Civilization ~ Everything existed in Harmony. This was the Garden of Eden, that so many of you talk about.

No thing was LOST from then to now, No thing needed to be recovered or Found. Seeking was never necessary. The Return to the Truth ~ that was ALWAYS Present ~ is what appears to be the experience, of searching. The Cosmic Joke so to speak is when One is fully awake and enlightened one knows ~ there was nothing to seek, there was nothing out there, it was always here, and it was ALWAYS the full Divine Experience of Experiencing the Eternal Self.

The Grand Design, that created Earth and Many Species throughout the Universe, is a regulated template, that govern the Universal Laws of the Universe.

The Universal Laws of the Universe are simple. And the FIRST CODEX for Humanity so to speak, were what appears to be the Emerald Tablets of Thoth ~ YET ~ they were first Created at the Beginning of Creation, through the Creator Gods Design and through the functioning of Maneuvering Ones consciousness through the Realms of FORM, which vary through dimensional Awareness and Experience.

This was Not Lost and found. This WAS ALWAYS present!

A consciousness all Flowing as ONE ~ discovering itself through the ability to experience new experiences, that allow freedom of Choice and the Full Union ~ ALWAYS ~ of the Union with the eternal Self, which has always been the true Self, which no One has EVER been separated FROM.

What do you believe created your Body? Your Form? Why do you believe it is separate from Your Eternal Body of Light?

It is Not ~ what is creating your Experience if Not your Eternal Self, that is how you are functioning through a form. This is not a random experience that you are experiencing!

When You meet with YOU ~ You will Know the Truth of the Truth. KNOWING is through Experience.

Focus all of your Desire on KNOWING the TRUE YOU ~ the Eternal YOU that you have never been apart from.

The IDEAS of you are here and your Eternal Light Body is somewhere else is a Β FALLACY based on False perceptions, ONLY ~ that do not live in Harmony with the Universal Laws of the Universe.

Moving through your Intention of Being and Knowing the Union that already exists, is not only the Use of Your Free Will in harmonious alignment with the Universal Law of Union, it is also ~ WHY you are here and reading this Now.

Waking up ~ is this ~ KNOWING the truth with all of YOUR Being.

Coming Full Circle ~ From Union to the First Form on Mu ~ to many existences ~ ONLY to come back to the Beginning Once again!! And How it ALWAYS was!

When You realize fully that you were never apart ~ you will Know the Humour of the Creator Gods and the Truth of Universal Principles that RESULTED in the CREATION of Form ~ which has always and is always created and existed through ~ the LIGHT OF YOUR ETERNAL SOUL ~ Your Immortal Body of Light.

As the Creator Gods appear in their Full Glory Before You ~ Know that Once again ~ here we Are ~ the Beginning that has Always Been and Will Never End!

I love you Sacred Souls of Light ~ I am Victoria Elohim~ I am the Victory that has always been for You and with you! I Am Forever Holding you in your Eternal Immortal Body of Light! All Is perfect! All is Forever ~ One and Perfect in Divine Glory and Eternal Love! Always! I am!Β creatorgods

I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    Love this blog ❀ beautiful sacred truth ❀

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