Beloved Ones we are with you through your transition to SEE through your Heart; letting go of old ways and beliefs, entering NOW The New Earth through your expanded heart.

As your body continues to transform through the magnetic shifts on Planet Earth, your Aura adjusts to the higher frequencies of LIGHT into a more crystalline frequency.

This crystalline frequency is a unified frequency with your original form (held in your DNA codes) since you began your sojourn throughout many incarnations, on Planet Earth.

The process of this transfiguration, into a state of pure transcendence, lifts the veil of the subconscious mind clearing all held memory patterns, that you had previously functioned through.

NOW is the moment.

The heart has always been ready as this is your most natural state of being. Throughout all dimensions you exist in this pure state and it is in this pure state that you are already linked beyond time and space.

The frequency of this TRANSCENDS the states that have tied you to the a world held in limitation.

Feel the relief in this, that you can let go of all beliefs. That you may transcend into the constant flow of harmony and love.

That you may breathe now and see all, including you in a world of beauty and love and that this beauty and love is eternal and flows through you. Breathe this in, even for this moment, let of of all else. Feel this transcendent frequency of beauty and love, beyond your wildest imagination.

The Glory, feel this, that is beyond anything previously known.

We open the gateways to the flooding of this knowing within you. To all that these words that you read and are felt within you.

The effervescent love and Glory of the Divine is this New Earth. Originating in the beauty that is eternal and the love that is a constant flow.

Feel yourself being uplifted and held at the highest level now.

We are with you, no need in the moment to say our names, as we are FELT in this Divine union and activation of what ALREADY IS.

IN this great love, we increase your transcendence of awareness to that which is eternal.


In the New Earth Now.

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