Full Moon/Supermoon in Aquarius~ August 10th, 2014

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The Stars are Bright, this Aquarian Full Moon,
the Magic of the Night, whispers, it will be Soon.

Prepare for the New Dream, in starlight Dancing,
remember to Play, it is deeply Enchanting.

Moon Beams Gracing, all that you Do,
Kissing gently, the Heaven in You.

Merging the Above, and the Below,
in your Heart Space, Enter your Abode.

Stay present in Ecstasy, and you will See,
there is nothing to do, in your Heart, Simply Be.

Be Present within your Heart, Dear Souls, Now and consciously during this Aquarius Full Moon. The Cycles and your movement through Time and Space involve the Sacred Unfolding of All That is Within You.  Know this and Live by this through your Heart and You Master Duality. Be in Harmony with ALL that is unfolding before You in the ever-present Now Moment! Be in Harmony with the Cycles, and Honour All that you are as the Sacred Uniqueness of You. I hold you forever in my Heart, in your Eternal Greatness of Pure Being, That You Are.

And the Full Moon ~ Here we go again! The Energy since the New Moon is CULMINATING up to this Super Full Moon! This is the Closest Full Moon to the Earth till September 2015. 

With the Sun in Leo and the Full Moon in Aquarius, 18 Degrees, August 10th, 2014 at 3:10pm ADT, we have a beautiful, GENTLE Polarity, between the emotional body and the mental body.

This Aquarian Full Moon will be easier than most Full Moons to stay focused in Harmony and OBSERVE as ALL arises, within YOU. 

Full Moons are always about COMPLETION.

Look deeply what you started on the Leo New Moon, Look at your Notes if you made some and add to your notes, Just HOW you are doing and make some notes as to the results if you programmed some of your Crystal Allies during the Last New Moon.  I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of writing regular daily notes about your experiences.

Here is the Link to my Crystal Post if you would like to program some crystals and make some crystal Water this Full Moon:


Here is my Post on Colour (everything is energy) which will be helpful as You Prepare for this Full Moon:


Below are the Links to my Audio Frequency Transmissions which INCLUDE the Full Moon Invocation. Remember to create Sacred Space and Honour the Earth, the Moon and it’s Cycles.  This starts with Entering your Heart Space, Always.

Everything is ENERGY and you are constantly interacting with all that is Around You. Be conscious and embrace your Uniqueness of Being, through your Heart this Aquarian Full Moon. Being Grateful for ALL that YOU are “within” YOU, is the Sacred Space to stay present in. Let go of OUTER Appearances and embrace within. Be the Observer of your Life and your responses to All that Arises.

Loving yourself through observing and Honouring your Uniqueness which results in Truly KNOWING yourself, is one of the potential benefits of this Aquarius Full Moon. Do not project out there, what you want, or who you would like to be. Instead Love WHO you are NOW and LET go of outer appearances. Move deeply within your Heart and embrace Your Uniqueness. As you Allow all to arise and You observe yourself, you truly begin to KNOW yourself. Truly Knowing yourself is Mastery.

The Sun in Leo adds “Courage” to your embracing your Uniqueness. If you have 15-21 degrees in a fixed sign in your Natal Chart you will experience this Full Moon more powerfully. The fixed signs are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus.

The Aquarius Zodiac Sign is the Water-Bearer and is ruled by Uranus. Aquarius combines the element of Air with a Fixed Quality. The Philosopher, the Teacher and the Thinker are Archetypes of Zodiac Sign Aquarius. Learning and Knowing are what Aquarius is About. So apply this area of Knowing as you Flow in Grace this Full Moon to Your own life and inner Experience. The Balance with The Sun in Leo will enhance the Inner Knowing through your Heart.

As you embrace the changes and the New Beginning you are about to Experience, know that Living in your Heart and Knowing yourself, are part of the completion and Mastery of Duality.

Embrace All That You Are, Create Sacred Space. Honour All Life and Honour who and what you Are ~ Eternally!

I love you Dear Souls and I Hold you in My Heart, Now and During this Full Moon and in Your Sacred Completion and Mastery of Duality! I Am the Victory that is For You! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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