Mercury Retrograde June 7th ~ July 1st, 2014!



Mercury Retrograde June 7th ~ July 1st, 2014! In Gemini and Cancer

PREPARE! This happens three times a year, rarely 4 times. There are a few things you need to be aware of before it begins!!

Mercury Rules Communication, Electronics, Travel and Contracts. During Mercury Retrograde is not the time to Start a New relationship, move, sign contracts, have things repaired, buy new Electronics or repair them. It is not the best time to start anything New.

Now with all the things not to do, Being aware of certain things will help Make the Mercury Retrograde a beautiful time of flow in your Life. And yes, that “is” possible.

Most people who live on Planet Earth, live by outer appearances. And it is that “Outward” approach that makes Mercury Retrograde, for many, a hectic time, that feels unbearable to get through.

I live completely within, and approach everything from within, and it is a peaceful most beautiful energy, Mercury Retrograde, that I love. All of my communication is from My heart, deep within me, and that flows, lovingly.

Now if you approach everything in a Rushed way, and live by outward appearances, if you desire to reduce the impact you may experience during Mercury Retrograde, take some Quiet time and slow down.

That is it, SLOW down your communication, or it will be deeply influenced, and result in miscommunication. If you Need to sign contracts and things, MOVE slowly, move from Your Heart.

If you can avoid buying new electronics, having your car repaired, Please do that!! Obviously an emergency is VERY different, ALWAYS do what needs to be done.

This information is to help you MOVE through more fluidly, a time, where moving slowly and Fluidly, MATCHES the energy! So you are not involved in a direct battle, with the energy and how it is flowing!!

So follow the suggestions that are Suitable for your lifestyle.

To gain the greatest Benefit from Mercury Retrograde, Move deep within your Heart. The Energy is there to help you to move more deeply within, following that energy flow, always going WITH the Flow, is of great Benefit, and results in less “heartache” and repeat repairs, etc.

I may add to this post, before the Beginning of Mercury Retrograde. For NOW, make plans to clean up and repair what needs to be taken care of.

Take a look what needs to be done! Arrange what you can Prior to and after Mercury Retrograde.

And MOST importantly, make a conscious commitment to yourself, to slow down during it, mark it on your calendar. Take that extra time during it, to communicate clearly with others and yourself!

And continue to LOVE yourself, love all that happens. Move into greater surrender, love and allowing, as you Move deeper into the New Creation. Deeper into, All That You Are, through Your Heart!

I love you and hold you Forever in My Heart! Victory is Your! I Am Victory! I Am! I Am Victoria Elohim!



I Am Yours Forever, My Beloved, in and Throughout All Time!



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  1. You are awesome! Tky ♥ Ily Queen of Light xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxixoxox

  2. Last night I heard “Twin Soul” and starting to listen could see two figures embraced, was us, you as Seshat, I loved to see her. Love you always

  3. Thank you very much for the recommendations made in this beautiful and interesting message.I love you Victoria Elohim

    If I’m more the presence of my Higher Self, and more light too, I feel you every time and now in a little meditation your voice heard

  4. Ascension Angels

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thank you Laura/Victoria Elohim/The Queen of Light 🙂

  5. As I work with computers for a living (including buying and repairing), I’ll likely have no choice but to continue that type of work during this time. I frequently invoke what Tom Kenyon calls the “Angels of the Electrons” to help regulate and stabilize the EM fields around the equipment that I’m responsible for. I’m not usually much for astrology, but for whatever reason, I find this information interesting. I’ll read the past articles regarding Mercury Retrograde as well. Much love!

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