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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, March 5th ~ 28th, 2019, Reprogramming of Your DNA

Communication planet Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces on March 5th till March 28th, 2019. This is an opportunity to go deeper within and reflect, renew, reorganize, reconstruct, redo and REPROGRAM your consciousness ~ allowing yourself to be reborn.

As usual, if possible, reduce starting anything new, attempting repairs, reduce travel and be mindful of all communications, as the meaning and intentions may become misconstrued between people during Mercury Retrograde.

Also note, 3 weeks before (now) and for 3 weeks after you may still feel the impact of Mercury Retrograde. Slow down and be mindful, consciously. 

As far as going deeper, the reprogramming of your consciousness is under way now and Mercury Retrograde is here to actually help you reflect, step back, take a breather and be  reborn.

DO less, expect nothing. Anticipate without attachment, everything. 

As a limitless being, ALL is present NOW. You do not need to go beyond now, to experience bliss, joy and embrace all that you are on all levels of being. That includes your Ascension, the embodiment of you as the Divine Eternal Being that you are ~ Being, consciously or not.

Your DNA being reprogrammed now is according to your incarnation record, your blueprint. As you are activated and consciously embody the greater light that you are, an evolutionary timeline shift, is in store for you.

We know at the higher levels you know this.

So how to maintain being happy and filled with gratitude for now, yet hold being aware, of all that is in store for you. Let go of all attachments that is how. Surrender to the present moment. Below is the “I Surrender Invocation” helping you to stay present and be filled with the Divine Presence of your eternal being.

Then slowing down is easy, being content without things taking place as fast as you would like, becomes nothing to you. As your focus moves to now, you are then always grateful, and open to go through whatever comes your way.

Blessing you now, activating you now, in eternal love, all now,



Mercury Retrograde ~ March 22nd, 2018 till April 15th, 2018 ~ Internal, Eternal

Mercury Retrograde starts tomorrow, March 22nd, 2018 and lasts till April 15th, 2018. This is a powerful auspicious frequency to go DEEPER within the experience of your consciousness and frequency.

I will not go on about all the do’s and do nots in regards to the Mercury Retrograde ~ I have written about that before on other Mercury Retrograde posts, which you can read.

With all in the 4th Dimension, with many in the 5th, those cautionary measures, do not apply in the same way. YES ~ if communication is a challenge for YOU or for others around YOU, be mindful, slow down.

If YOU are coming from the place of harmony WITHIN YOU in all or most moments, THEN ~ Mercury Retrograde becomes ALL IS WELL.

AS it is the coming from WITHIN that Mercury Retrograde prepares you for. Through its PROCESS of the external focus, apparently not working as well. Leading to what was once the common frustration as everything appears to go awry.

This going awry, is just the clear awareness that the external focus does not work energetically to ones advantage, when the internal focus is more required as the auspicious way.

Those that come from this internal ~ ETERNAL space, know that this is the case. Always from within is the auspicious present moment.

So even if you struggle with communication. Why not look at this Mercury Retrograde experience as the auspicious frequency that it is.

That which requires you to ADJUST the way you approach your life.

Slowing down…breathing consciously, completing that which was already started. Tidy, organize…prepare. GO DEEPER WITHIN.

Blessing all of YOU in this adventure of going deeper, in all moments.

In the Glorious Light that is always present. Even more so ~ awareness NOW ~ this eternal present moment Mercury Retrograde. In love.

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Mercury Retrograde, December 3 ~ 22nd, 2017 ~ COMPLETION

Mercury Retrograde on December 3rd till December 22nd, 2017 ~  is a powerful OPPORTUNITY for completion!

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding around Mercury Retrograde.

IT doesn’t MEAN put your life on HOLD.

The energy FLOW is COMPLETION!

Complete ~ Finish…anything started ~ years ago. Recently.

You met someone or connected years ago…you want to meet. YOU don’t have to wait till after Mercury Retrograde ~ because it already STARTED.

If you are in the process…of “anything” previously started. CONTINUE.

You started shopping, finish. Mercury Retrograde doesn’t mean don’t finish. An example, Christmas Shopping started before December 3, even if a list..continue and complete. I have heard so many are trying to finish before Mercury starts.

That isn’t the energy of Mercury Retrograde!


Start before. Even in the formative stages…then complete.

Everything is UP for COMPLETION During Mercury Retrograde. That is what it is for….for you to go deeply within your own awareness. What is your awareness? Are you observing your own awareness? Where it is at?

Tidy, Organize, your thoughts your home your emotions.

Get clear on intentions. What you started, what you have not yet.

Be clear on what your focus is.

Look at ALL things not yet fully completed.

Especially you and your Mastery of FORM.

PERFECT ~ time for expansion of Consciousness.

Of Awareness.

Of Self Love.

Now…this moment ALL can shift NOW.

This process of mercury Retrograde (which I am VERY at home with) is the process of internal FOCUS. Instead of external focus.

This does NOT mean the external doesn’t change and shift.

So the “effect” is exactly from the intention, when TRULY impacted through conscious ~ consciousness.

Not through external attempts..without the INNER awareness and shifts taking place. In other words, trying through the old way to make things happen.

When TRUE INNER shifts and expansion, Are the purpose. The journey. The outer is simply the CONSEQUENCE. Then…what is next, is what is next. TO COMPLETE.

Now ~ where are you at? What have you started? What do you desire to not slip through your awareness UNAWARE ~ and wake up to. To complete the process.

Are you following this?

Complete all things.

Yes well there is the communication may feel a little hectic…BUT ~ here is the DEAL…it won’t feel hectic if your come from the place inside YOU ~ that is steady. That is the true you. That is the eternal you.

This is what it is all for anyway. FOR your transformation.

The stars…the seasons… are frequency impulses, planned since before time. To impact all consciousness. FOR its EVOLUTION.

How can I evolve through being more aware of my thoughts and feelings…How can I see the direct consequences? Can I observe myself more? Then you are on the path to completion.

COMPLETION. Complete. Get it done. Make it clear. Resolve, tidy organize. Prepare through completing. Through understanding. Through MAKING it clear.

Finish anything, even if started years ago.

LOOK at the broader scope of this. YOUR Evolution.

Your Transformation.

Available to you in all moment.

Be aware.

Wake up.

Embrace where you are at.

Feel NOW.

Feel your Heart.

Feel the shifts NOW.

Feel the Love.

Feel you and allow the subconscious become conscious.

That is the process of completion.

It is here. It is now. IT is ALL for your completion. Your incarnation! your Life plan!

This shifting of your BLUEPRINT. Your DNA. Your consciousness being self-aware of your Original Light as the source of YOU. Your Uniqueness.s

Love the process, love the Journey, love yourself. The consequence, is your completion. Your Ascension. That exists now. YOU are going through the process of expanding into it. Your subconscious becomes your conscious awareness.

In love always! Here and Now!

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Mercury Retrograde August 12th, 2017 ~ September 5th, 2017 ~ Preparing For CHANGE

Wow!!!!!  Prepare! Organize! Clean, Complete! Get READY!!

Coming around FULL CIRCLE!!!

This Mercury Retrograde (helps you with internal focus) is a powerful ONE for your benefit, to GO deeply WITHIN, and prepare.

Prepare, complete, finish things started…The POWERFUL Solar Eclipse and New Moon on August 21st, will BE very powerful with sudden changes that will last for six months.  I will write more on that soon!

For now ~ get things in order, so to speak.

What have you started ~ but not completed? What needs to be organized? Is there something ending in your life? On August 21st that suddenly changes? Make room for new beginnings. By completing what you have started.

Are you ready for a new start? A New way of life? How are your relationships? Ready for Change?

This INNER DIRECTED influence of Mercury Retrograde, encourages you TO SLOW DOWN. Take stock. Reevaluate. Readjust. Complete what is not yet finished.

When we take a pilgrimage to WHAT WAS ~ and renew and let go of the past, doorways within us open as our Blueprint is Activated. With what is next…Everything is ENERGY. Make room for the new.

Complete WHAT was…STARTED.

Perfect ~ going with the flow of this ~ MERCURY RETROGRADE.

Yes for some, slowing down is CHALLENGING .

ALL things are possible, the key is go with the Divine INNER FLOW, of your HEART.

YOU KNOW deep inside when you are ready for the new and what is left to be completed.

TRUST the FLOW ~ IT IS NOT  against you. Going against the flow, is what is painful. TRYING to create through the mental body.

Flowing through the HEART THAT rules your thoughts, is when you become fully awakened to the FLOW of your Eternal Divine Presence. Live there. Be in a permanent moment to moment AWARENESS of your Presence.

BREATHE consciously in all moments and NOW.

Feel and receive.

I FLOW in Divine timing with my Divine ASCENDED Being and Presence.

IN ALL moments I know myself only as DIVINE.

I Identify with my Eternal Light.

I Live and BREATHE as eternity itself.

I Am The Glorious Light of my Divine Presence in all moments NOW.

I Am not waiting for anything. I Arrive and feel and KNOW what is eternal NOW.

I LIVE through that inner knowing of MY True Self. My Divine Self.

There is nothing to wait for ONLY to BE and enter consciously into, NOW.

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Mercury Retrogade April 9th ~ May 3rd, 2017 ~ Change

So here we are again, Mercury Retrograde…

For many people Mercury Retrograde brings up fears of what we can do, what we cannot do…

Yet at the heart of it all,Mercury Retrograde represents a deep process of change.

Although many people say they want change, when resistance shows up through subconscious reactions (flight or fight) as past memories and beliefs,

The resistance often shows up in the form of a battle with what is ~ with what one wants, externally, as it not yet here.

What is, is the result of you inner world. Your past, your thoughts, your emotions, memories and frequency. This includes past lives.

What is in your New Expanded you Timeline is the you CHANGED so to speak, to the YOU that is free from limitations. This is key to feel into.

Free from the pain, sorrow, depression, that are the reactive states that you are in the process of being free from.

We see narrowly to what MAY Become, because we are so fixated on what we see out there.

The so-called challenge, is to EMBRACE the moment that comes with ease, when we let go of the outer world appearances. And we embrace, what is  WITHIN US.


Trusting that all is leading us to that total freedom, to that total BEING of all that we ARE originally ~ without the reactive pain, sorrow and sadness states.

Surrender is the key. As it is not the one that appears as suffering that has orchestrated your life events. IT is the ONE that is already free ~ CALLING you to YOU. 

We then are Cleared.

We then are Free.

YET ~ we are ALL that and more now!

I am referring to your cellular consciousness ~ the frequency within your form. Your signalling DNA.

The you on Earth that is in the process of Ascension, that UNIFIES within your DNA as a frequency to and with the Original YOU.

The YOU that knows no separation.

The YOU that is unique.

The YOU that is Eternal.

Descending into your Form.

Your Light Body descending into your physical form.

Transforming your form.

Transforming all around you.

Your part is the awareness you bring to all moments.

Adjusting, merging with this Higher Self You

To be conscious of the ONE that really is running the show through you.

Not the little you stuck in situation and experiences. The ONE that has guided you to those experiences, to then free you of them.

Through the present moment, you UNITE with this higher aspect of you as LIGHT and then in all moments, consciously united, you clear all and wake up to a life much more magical than you can think of or imagine now.

When we really enter the NOW that is within, we then KNOW IT is within us that instigates the outer experiences to occur. Within you is your UNION through your Heart that you seek.

Now ~ Mercury retrograde SUPPORTS that inner world of YOU.

Mercury Retrograde suggestions, if possible, avoid new adventures to begin DURING IT. Avoid buying electronics,  if possible.

Of course if something breaks, you must replace it, etc.

Of course if you have to travel it will be ok.

When Possible ~ SLOW DOWN ALL communication. To prevent misunderstandings. 

Yet we can turn that around to a very positive time that ENCOURAGES us like a kick in the rear end, so to speak, to SLOW DOWN. To go within.

Stay present.

Let go of external appearances as progress or support and acknowledgment. 

It happens through you.

When you feel great and are in a sustained way of being that is JOY and BLISS and FREEDOM ~ your outer world shifts to match.

You cannot fool the process.

It is you.

You with you.

Allow as much as possible ~ where you ARE ~ to allow change to occur.

It does not have to be huge change.

The Little changes have an accumulative impact.

A momentum has begun.

The Momentum of YOU.

You with you.

Ride the waves of this Mercury Retrograde with this awareness.

It is all YOU. You with YOU.

Your Alchemy, your Transformation.

You as LOVE ~ through your Heart.

The Original Light Being YOU.

I Am with you ~ through your Ascension, In love and gratitude, all NOW. 



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A “Hermes” Mercury Retrograde ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


On August 30th till September 22nd, 2016 ~ we have in Virgo the Mercury Retrograde. Before you gasp and say oh no, let us look at the benefits and activate within us, the greater joy and fun during a Mercury Retrograde.

It HAPPENS about 3.33 times per year.

The Planet Mercury is really NOT moving backwards, its effect, feels like that.

It is an AUSPICIOUS time for Synchronicity, and in Virgo, also ruled by Mercury, we may experience more of a Hermes (The thrice Magician) influence. After All, Magic and the HIGHER Mercury energy is what the 5th Dimension is ALL about! The Goddess the God! Here we go!

Slowing down communication, is that really that bad? Reflecting more? This ENCOURAGES your Transformation more than ANYTHING.

Let go of charging ahead with plans? Sounds peaceful to me!

It is not that you cannot travel, make plans, it is MORE that you will WANT to PAY more attention to what you are doing and SLOW down!

Repairs ~ well that is life in a busy work, when possible, WAIT. When not possible, go ahead!

Delays, sure, maybe! MAYBE not also! IT really depends on the CONSCIOUSNESS within YOU.

Are you focusing inwardly ~ Calm within? Focused within? Or is this inner focus thing challenging to YOU? you live by appearances and attempt to change your outer world. Neglecting the ROOT where all CHANGE occurs ~ WITHIN.

Enough said. This may be a very POWERFUL and Sacred and Magical Mercury Retrograde. This with Mercury in their Charts and Virgo, will find this magical.

Those who are focused within WILL find this magical and laced with miracles and Synchronicity like never before.

Are you ready? Will you receive this positively? Will you focus more within? Will you love yourself? Integrate, transform and Love yourself even more?

Breathe deeply, relax and FEEL. 

I NOW focus deep within, and receive the blessings and miracles of this DEEP inner focus as I expand the Love I feel within myself.  

I embrace the ETERNAL magic of my Divine Higher Self and witness synchronicity around me every moment, every day. 

I live as my Higher Self in 5th Dimensional Consciousness and experience Mercury Retrograde as the MAGICAL time, that it is. 

I know the external world is but a reflection of within me. What I see now is the result of my past level of consciousness. I Expand more every day and the external world, REFLECTS this.

I Am the Love and Magic of All That is. My consciousness lives in this Divine Miraculous way of Being, as my Higher Divine Self, FULLY NOW. 

And so it is! Beloved Angels! Miracles, Joy and Blessings! Always and Forever! Now and in every moment during Mercury Retrograde! I love you. 


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Love, Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon in Taurus


The New Moon on May 6th, in Taurus, was a gentle beginning. Embraced with Mercury Retrograde. The deep connection with the Earth with this New Moon in Taurus, is a bonus time, reminding you to slow down.

Relax, Renew. Reorganize. Be comfortable. Spend time in nature.

Take your time. SLOWLY.

Allow this to be your NOURISHING time. A time for YOU and you alone.

INNER focus time.

Peace time.

Love time.

Now time.

Just for YOU.

Spring cleaning time.

Inner awareness time.

Deep inner YOU time.

With just under 2 weeks left of Mercury Retrograde, enjoy this.

Enjoy now.

Love now.

Love yourself NOW.

Embrace Being ALIVE.

Living here on Earth through  your Holographic body, is Divinely experiencing yourself as opening up to the flowering of YOU.

The You that longs for Love.

The You that is Divine.

The You that is infinite.

The YOU that you desire to BE.

As all of this (your Ascension) continues to unfold in your awareness. Continue to LOVE yourself. Like you have never been loved before. This is the time of Love. Even when things move forward quickly after Mercury Retrograde is over. That also is a time for love.

Practise Loving yourself.

Not hiding from the pain. Or running away from the pain. Love any pain within you. Love the hurt. Love the sorrow. Be Honest with yourself and feel the pain within you.

Out there is not the cause. It is not what gets healed, it is within you. As all of this continues to release itself. Through the unwinding of your DNA. You OPEN yourself to receive. Receive more and more. Open more and more.

The expansion is endless. Timeless. Forever. Embrace forever. No ending POINT. Constant Expansion of awareness. Of Consciousness. OF NOW.

Breathe this in Beloved Angels.

Feel the activation of your cellular consciousness. In response to your Opening and receiving. Feel your body relax now. The Peace. The Love. The Unity within you. YOU with your Divine Self. Your Eternal Self.

The Alignment with the Holy you. The Soul You. The Divine You. The God YOU. All NOW. Now, now.


It is through the Love of the everyday you, that you OPEN and become the flowering of Divinity. The Angelic You. The God Self You.

Then, the Activation Portal, through your Heart, Unites with your Soul Star Matrix, and you LIVE beyond your WILDEST Dreams. The Dream come true.

The Love of your Life.

The Heaven, that you always dreamt of. COME TO LIFE, within YOU. I am with you. Which is NOW. In the Divine Love and Glory of Heaven. Breathe this in. Receive Divine Angels. I love You.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Mercury Retrograde ~ Being in the Flow


Mercury Retrograde, April 28th till May 22, 2016. Are you feeling it yet? Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. When Mercury speeds past Earth, three to four times per year, that is when we experience a Mercury Retrograde period.

Mercury rules communication, speaking, writing, listening, reading, learning, selling, buying, negotiating, contracts, leases, documents, wills, term papers, electronics, travel and more. That includes your personal computer, printer and vehicle. Put off repairs or have them done before Mercury Retrograde.

Put off major decisions. Avoid starting anything new. Sign papers after Mercury Retrograde is over. Begin something new after Mercury Retrograde. Anything that has to be done, emergencies yes DO and take care of them. There are always exceptions.

So where does this leave you as far as your Transformation go.

You may find yourself revisiting old wounds, old pain you had “thought’ was gone. You may appear to go a little backwards in what you thought was your advancement.

Mercury Retrograde is for your benefit. Practise Being your Presence. Being Present. Being Now. Being in love with LIFE. With Yourself. Now. As is.

To pay attention more. To be clear in your intentions. To stay focused. More than ever before. To be present in the moment. This time then, when it feels as if things have slowed down. Or if you continue to attempt to speed ahead, Mercury Retrograde will slow you down. This Is for your benefit.

Slow down. Reflect. Reorganize. Clean. Prepare. Refresh.

Where you feel you have arrived, ENJOY.

Where you want to go, slow down. Breathe. Feel now.

Love yourself Now.

You with You. Now.

How you want to feel, go deeper into your Heart.

Love yourself NOW for where you are and who you are now. Not HOW you want to BE and where you want to go. NOW.

See the blessing in Mercury Retrograde.

The effect often times, when we do not slow down, wait and still attempt to jump forward, is a backlash affect, that just forces us to re-do those choices, over again. Not because there is a nasty punishing Mercury when it goes Retrograde. Because there is a natural rhythm when attuned to within, BECOMES a FLOW.

This flow  is like going with the flow of a river. When we go against the flow and we attempt to go against it. It becomes challenging. Hard. Painful. When we simply go WITH the FLOW (the natural rhythm within) it all just takes place easily. Have you noticed?

So Beautiful Angels, enjoy this slowing down and letting go of plans for the future.

Stay present. Love yourself more. Love now more, even if you do not like it.

This will allow you to naturally be in the flow. This flow is the magic of Living.

It is where the magic is. Those special moments, you know when time stopped? That is Now and you have access to all moments being like that. All Now.

Know that even if some things (especially during Mercury Retrograde) appear as if they are taking so long to shift. Know that just like in the winter, the seed, in the Spring, becomes the rose.

Nature, plants, Love, the Sun. All natural and now. Just like You.

It is a natural process. Your transformation is a natural process. Allow it to be. To unfold for you. As you stay present and in the flow.

As the hourly Activation continues, its momentum and frequencies continue to increase. This is for your Transformation. I am holding you in love as you continue to MAGNIFICENTLY awaken to the Glory of your Divinity!


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Mercury Retrograde January 5th~26th, 2016

L'Aura Pleiadian

Here we are, the New Year 2016 (Happy New Year) and we have Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn beginning on January 5th till January 26th 2016. In the Earth sign of Capricorn. In April Mercury Retrograde is in Taurus (April 28th till May 22nd) and in August, in Virgo (August 30th till September 21st) and In December again in Capricorn, during Christmas (December 19th till January 8th, 2017) all Earth Signs.

I also want to remind you, my written words, are activations of Light, for You. Simply relax as you read, be aware of your Breath and receive.

Now before you feel sudden fear, and the oh no feeling in this pre phase of Mercury Retrograde, feel the opportunity, instead, to apply Unconditional Love, Acceptance and Compassion (5th Dimensional Consciousness) to all that arises.

After all, Earth is your Training Ground, for your Ascended Being, and here you Are, arrived, present, and living each moment, AS the Eternal Presence, of your Pure Soul Light ~ Being.

In this ~ your Presence, the Highs and Lows, merge into a Harmonious Flow of Self ~ Love, that is, the eternal Presence, of your Soul, that you Are.

Embrace the moment, and beautiful impact of this Mercury Retrograde, guides you ever more deeply, within, where all that is exists, and you live, harmoniously, in the Love that you Are.

An Ascended Being, in practise, is YOU applying your Will (your conscious moment to moment choice) of Unconditional Love (5th Dimensional Consciousness) within you to you, as the responsible, Being, that you are constantly, experiencing, as your CONSCIOUS BEING.

Let go, of all those outer plans, as much as possible. The outer directed thoughts. Turn them to yourself, within. Go deeper into all within you, that is not yet loved, by YOU (you can’t receive anything that you are not Being) and enter the realms, of Being a deeply Conscious Being, Now and throughout this Mercury Retrograde.

Let it lift you ever more higher, into the deeper states of Being, that you naturally exist as, in your Eternal Awareness and Light, as the Source Soul, that you Are.

Reflect deeply, shine the light more brightly into the deeper recesses of your Consciousness, as you deepen, your relationship with your Presence, and live as the Ascended Being, that you are.

The Winter Season also, is an enhanced time, to go deep, into you. Feel, see, and Know yourself, your eternal Self. Embrace the Love in All Moments, that you eternally Are. Rest assured, as the Light increases in the Day, so too your Light expands and increases in your Awareness.

Then, the Spring of Newness, dawns on you More and More, as the Light forever shining, as the Eternal Glory, of All That is.

I hold you in this 2016 ~ Through your Being an Ascended Being.

And The Glory, that forever shines its Light throughout All Universes, now Lives, as Itself, the Great Glory and Beauty and Everlasting Love, as the Presence and Light, of All That is.





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Fall Equinox September 23, 2015 Consciousness Reaching Critical Mass

L'Aura Pleiadian

The Autumnal (Fall) Equinox, is on September 23rd 2015 at 5:22am ADT in the Northern Hemisphere~ USA, Canada, Central America, Europe, Asia, Northern Africa. This will be the Vernal (Spring)  Equinox in the “Southern Hemisphere” in Australia, South America,  New Zealand, Southern Africa. CERN is also set to be in Full Power on the 23rd of September.

The Equinox Occurs 2 Times per Year, when the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator, when Day and Night are Equal Length.  Following the NATURAL Rhythms with what is FLOWING helps attune you to the INNER YOU. Many of you Celebrate Mabon~ The Harvest, this is a very Enchanted time to slow down, during the FALL Equinox and ESPECIALLY with the added help of Mercury Retrograde (September 17th~October 9th) and of course the TRANSFORMATIONAL Powers of the 4th Blood Moon/Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse/Gamma Rays and Wave X on September 27/28th, impacting and increasing the MOMENTUM in Ascension CONSCIOUSNESS.

Stay Tuned into this HELPFUL Energy Flow, which encourages you to Move into greater STILLNESS, to be more reflective, to KNOW yourself, and to BE Present in the NOW MOMENT.  In the NOW moment you Empty yourself of All Attachments. You Are Present.

This Tidal Wave and INFLUX in energy that is leading up to the September 27/28th IMPACT is the MIRROR image of the SHIFT in Consciousness that is and has already occurred.  IT is the RESULT of the Transformation in Consciousness that is reaching its critical Mass THAT has changed the WHOLE.

This is YOUR EVOLUTION in Consciousness.

Embrace it NOW.

Accept it NOW.

Evolve NOW.

You are READY.


You have SHIFTED in Consciousness.

You have Ascended.

You are the NEW FRONTIER in Consciousness that you have Anticipated to Experience.

You Are it.

You Are the First Wave of Ascension.

And So it is~ ALL NOW.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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