The Drama of Family Relationships



The Drama of so-called “Family” Relationships, is Just That. 

When held in the Heart, what these types of “Relationships” truly are for and mean, One is able to grasp the awareness, of what needs to be healed. 

Remember always, the outer appearance, is TRULY “only” the REFLECTION of WHAT is WITHIN.

Letting go of the drama, through the acknowledging of what needs to be healed and loved “Within” oneself (not in the other) is the first step in being free from the repetitive patterns you find yourself attached to.

You know you have involvement and you have  “Attachments” if you are experiencing reactive responses.

Incarnating into a family, is NOT as it seems to be, on Planet Earth.

Each Soul is a Unique Soul.

Soul Families incarnate together, and are the Groups of Souls that are here to Heal the “Same Reactive” Responses. (karmic memories)

The Reactive responses are the RESULT of the karmic traces, that trigger the mental and emotional body into the state of Disharmony, for the “PURPOSE” of Loving oneself and to Move into HARMONY ~ COMPLETION.

When you do this and see this, you are able then to free yourself from judgment, guilt and all the dramatic emotional responses which are truly your emotional body having itself a dramatic heyday, so to speak. This serves to only immerse you even more deeply, into suffering. Which then, Deepens the memory of the karmic traces within your cellular consciousness. Which then, reinforces the attachments.

Mastery of the Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Bodies, allows you to complete all that you incarnated to complete, and frees you to live in Coherency, Harmony and move fully into freedom, love, your Heart and your Souls Destiny ~ Completion and your New Birth.

Evaluating within yourself, how you have looked at “How things should be” and moving more deeply into “How things are” allows you to see clearly, and see your life and your responses, for what they truly are.

This MAY mean you will be the One to stand up for your Self-love. (how could it happen any other way, anyway?)

Alienation from those you have shared your dramatic responses with, may take place.  And this May take courage, to fully embrace loving yourself.  (the heroic path)

Living truly for the Heart and Soul, takes All that you Are. There is No better place/space to be. It truly is the reason you incarnated.

To be Fully surrendered, Loving yourself and in Complete Alignment through Harmony (free from suffering) with your Soul, is the Great Fulfillment, All That Your Soul Truly Desires.

To experience “All That you Truly Are” through your Heart, is the greatest Ecstasy. And is Divine Union, completion, Fulfillment.

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I Hold you Eternally in My Heart! I Am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim!





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  1. This resonates with me! Thank you so much! 🙏🏻💜✨

  2. Thank you dear Laura.
    It is helpful to correct this statement disharmony situations that sometimes I love myself and to myself.
    As I consider that I am not recognizing the Divine Being that you are, is something that surprises me because it is something that can not be discussed, nor doubt, I only love you as it is in all its grandeur.

  3. So amazing ! thank you ! And all Souls !

  4. Ascension Angels

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thank you Laura/Victoria Elohim 🙂

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