The Master Plan ~ Set in Motion



The Master Plan ~ Set in Motion

Beloved Sacred Souls of Light! I Am Celebrating you This Day, this Now Moment. The Master Plan ~ Set in Motion, has within it All that is The Fulfilling of the Plan. 550 million Years ago, many Incarnations, have moved your awareness to Now.

Many of You will watch in Great Awe, The Great Unfolding of the Master Plan. Perfection is Always Perfect, and no thing is ever Left undone.

In the Creation of DNA, your DNA always had within it, All that unfolds for you Now, in this Great Revealing. In the Passing through of time, your awareness has Greatly expanded. The culmination, of All of your Experience, will soon be revealed to You.

As the Playing out of Events, takes place within your Awareness, no thing is truly outside of You, Rest in your Heart, Your Soul connection. There you will feel the embracing of All That Is. You will know that you are Held in The Arms of Divine Love, and you Truly will be Home.

Your Home, has Always been within You, within your DNA, within Your Heart, throughout All of your incarnations. You have never been apart, from All That you Desire. You will Experience this, As the Wholeness and Fullness of All That You Are, in the Great Union, of All That is.

You will experience Home, within you, throughout All of your Existences, as the Great Master Plan unfolds, within You. You will Behold the Union, that you Have Always Been. You will be Awestruck, with the immensity, of All That is, All that you Are, in the Fullness of the Master Plan.

Let go freely, into completion, in Full Activation, All That is.  Rest in the Knowing, All Will unfold in Divine Perfection and Beauty. Before your First incarnation on Planet Earth, All was Already in Perfect Place. This is the Time, for the Great Revealing, the Divinity, All That You Are.

Victory, has always been in Place for You. All That is, Has Always Been All That is. The Perfection and Beauty, All that You Are, rests within your Heart, in Your Surrender, to All That you Are.

I Hold you in Great Victory, The Master Plan, in The Divine Glory, of the Unfolding, All That is. I Am Victory! I Am Always with You! Rest in this Glory, All That You Are! I Am The Victory that Holds You! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am the Great Revealing! All That you Are! I Am!



I Hold you Eternally in My Heart! I Am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim!




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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    Wonderful post
    Unfolding the plan from the heart, where we have waited for since lifetimes
    Love you Elohim Victoria ❤
    Thank you ❤

  2. FaithfulDevotion

    Thank God for her. Thank God for Victory Elohim! lol just noticed my “Freudian slip” Victory. I meant Victoria. And I have loved the name Victoria for as long as I can remember.

  3. It feels good to be home. Releasing and letting go of the memories of endless searching outside. I love you Victoria Elohim xxxx

  4. Last night saw me in meditation in a special chamber in the pyramids, was wonderful, love you Victoria Elohim

  5. Aleluya, Amen, thank you dear Laura or Victoria Elohim, love you

  6. Ascension Angels

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thank you Victoria Elohim 🙂

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