The Soul Blueprint ~ Perceptions of “Wrong”


The Soul Blueprint ~ What your Perceptions of “Wrong” truly Are.

I have had so many people contact me in regards to feeling unworthy, from doing wrong in this existence and in past existences.

I would like to share with you the truth, of your so-called “mistakes” in life, and help you to see what these experiences truly are.

Of course, Knowing is Only experienced through your Heart. That is how all truth is Known and experienced. So, take a few breaths, embrace your Heart, and feel Love, then read on.

When a Soul incarnates, the Karmic traces, which are simply memory, are held in the Soul Blueprint.

Many of these memories are held as inactive codes, to be triggered and spontaneously awakened, through your Soul Plan. This may feel like at times, pieces of the puzzle, fitting together, and at other times, pieces missing.

Some may appear miraculous, some may appear, not to your liking. Your conscious awareness of the changes within you, help you to embrace, All That You Are, and All that Arises, within you.

The feelings of doing wrong and feeling unworthy, are for you to embrace.
All Experience is the “result” of the energy within you, and carried over through your Blueprint. Some areas of your life may experience Harmony, some Disharmony.

All “experiences” are perfect, as in ~ they show to you, your true current state of Being. Resistance, only prevents you from Embracing All that you Are.

The experiences of doing “wrong” and feeling the after effect of “unworthiness” are the result of non-acceptance of all of your experiences.  Judgement and non-acceptance of yourself, are areas within you, to Love and Embrace.

Imagine if you would, ALL experience as simply occurring for you to Love, within yourself, without judgment.

Embracing those uncomfortable areas within yourself, through Love and “acceptance” (free of judgement) ALLOWS those memories, that carry repetitive patterns, to be completed, within you.

Embracing the Truth, that all experience and all that is within you that arises, is FOR YOU TO LOVE, Frees you. And awakens within you, true Love, love that is unconditional, that embraces, What Is.

Those held “beliefs” of doing wrong then, are Held in the Light of Love.  They simply are, Areas of your experience within you, NOT yet fully embraced with Unconditional Love.

In this state of Being then,  there is no right or wrong, simply the embracing of what is within you.  To Love, All that You Are.

As YOU Love All that You Are, you move closer and closer to the completion, of All that is to Be Completed within you. The Acceptance and Love, of All That You Are, all that you experience.

This moves you deeper into the Awareness of True Experience, within You, and allows you to see, the outer experience is only the reflection of ALL that  is within you. And this Awakens WITHIN you, the true KNOWING of what you truly are,  You as Unconditional Love, You as Divinity Itself, experiencing itself, through Love.

So Embrace these words, as the energy that they are, Pure Love for you, within your Heart. 

Know that ALL experience, originates within you. You are a Divine Being, here to Embrace true Love, to Master Duality, to Live in a coherent state of Being, one of Harmony and Unconditional Love. All experience Begins WITHIN YOU. Your outer experience, is simply the reflection of the within.

You are HERE to Love yourself Unconditionally, to Embrace All experience, to Live in Your Heart and to Experience your  New Birth, and a New Creation!

Know that I Love you!! Victory is for You! I Am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!



In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light



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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    Beautiful , read it again and again, like pieces fall into place.
    I am all
    I am
    Love you Laura ❤

  2. So true. What a perfect explanation. I felt great reading this. xo

  3. Thank you dear Laura, love you. It is a deep message.
    Little by little I’m understanding this fro, this piece together and how to take each new experience in my being and yes I feel your presence near me, love you

  4. Thank you so much sharing this profound truth. ❤ I am feeling so many things are nearing completion and just reading this has helped me to begin to embrace them. My deepest gratitude and love! xoxo

  5. Ascension Angels

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thank you Laura! ❤

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