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Energy and The Use of Colour



Make some notes as you read this and look around you and in your current surroundings Β and notice the use of Colour in your Life right now. Β After reading this make some Conscious choices of how you can use Colour in your life to support and Balance your Health, increase your Harmony and Uplift your Heart awareness, and Increase Love in your Life.

The Properties of the Colours used in Every Day Life, Bringing Colour To LIFE:

White – Purity, Expansion of Energy
Purple – Spiritual Body, Connection to Your Soul
Indigo Blue – Intuition, Dream recall
Sky Blue – CommunicationΒ 
Turquoise – Higher Heart, Abundance
Pink and Emerald Green – Love, Your Heart and Emotional Body
Yellow – Processing, Integrating, Calming to Mind, Storage of energy
Orange – Joy and Creativity
Red – Passion, Kundalini, Vital Life Force
Black – Protective, Grounding. In clothing keeps your energy close to your body, keeps energy away from your energy.
Gold – Masculine, The Sun, Strengthening.
Silver – Feminine the Moon, Quickening

As an example, if Your Focus is on Your Heart, you can begin to use a Pink or Green Drinking Glass, that you would drink your Sacred water from.
Where you sleep you could also Add some Heart Focused Colours. Pillow case covers, flowers, writing paper, etc.

When you feel Low in energy ~ Add some Red!

If you Feel Sad Add Orange!

When you need to Focus your Mind more clearly and where you organize your paperwork, Use a clear pure Yellow.

A Little Dash of Purple everywhere…In the area where you write about your Transformation, the Transmissions you listen to, use Pink, Green, Purple and White.

And of course our Sacred Allies the Crystals and Minerals, you can follow the general Guidelines of theΒ colour Properties, in placing your Crystals in certain areas, such as by your computer, in your Bedroom, etc.Β Pink and Green for the Heart and For Love!!

Candles can Also add to your use of Colour.
A Romantic Passionate evening, Red, a Gentle Love, Pink. White for Purity.

Set aside some sacred Space, by adding Pure White, representing Purity, and a New Beginning.

Too much of any colour, creates imbalances.

Harmony is the Balance of the Four bodies, the Four worlds.

Look at the colours around you, the pens you write with, the furniture you sleep on, the colour of the glasses you drink from, the main colour in your vehicle if you spend time driving everyday, etc.

And Begin to ADD the colours that Match your Current Heart Focus! Or the Colour that is most needed in your life, to balance an over stimulated emotional body, or mental body, or to boost your physical body, etc.

If You have a special container for your Transmission Water, consider the colour of the “Glass” you use and consider “Writing” on the Glass, some Sacred Words, such as:

Heart Focus
New Beginning
Divine Union

Everything is Energy and as you become more conscious of the energy around you through colour, your home, your clothes, your paper and pens, the glass and mugs you drink from, etc. the More you will consciously interact with your Own Energy and Stay focused on the Energy you Truly Desire.


Mandala _c_


I Am Yours Forever, My Beloved!!!



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