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New Moon in Gemini~June 16th, 2015


A Powerful New Moon June 16th in Gemini~ 11:05am ADT. Gemini ~and its ruler Mercury is  the Messenger, and rule communications.

Just days out of Mercury Retrograde and moving slowly by June 26th~ Mercury reaches Gemini at 13 degrees, the same Degree Mercury began its Retrograde. Mercury will HAPPILY be in its own Sign of Gemini for an extended 9 weeks, instead of the usual 2 weeks. We have the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Gemini as well. Mars being the Archetypal Warrior, may tend to take on too many New Projects. Anyone with a powerful Mercury influence, Gemini or Virgo, will be greatly affected by this New Moon which may bring with it, greater opportunities for communications break through~ new technological creations, and new discoveries.

This is a powerful opportunity at this NEW MOON ~ NEW BEGINNING~ to look deeply into ALL communications and Transportation issues AS WELL as Looking DEEPLY into  the WORDS you choose, the THOUGHTs you choose, that CREATE your emotions and YOUR Reality. 

Gemini ~ Balancing the Immortal and Mortal ~ Right Brain and Left Brain,  the Creative and Rational Sides of the Brain. The Right Brain rules the left side of the Body (creative) the Left Brain rules the right side of the body, Rational thinking. Feminine and Masculine.

With Neptune Retrograde as of June 12th at 10 degrees Pisces, Once again, you are encouraged to MOVE more deeply Inward, KNOWING more of how we are BEING, deep within. With Saturn Retrograde and moving back into Watery Scorpio on June 14th, there are a few MORE Months of emotional Cleansing to move deeply into.

June 21st, we have the Summer Solstice. Another New Beginning and Opportunity to Celebrate deeply within, the Light, and the Union with your Soul.

So take a Quantum Leap this New Moon~ New Beginning, LOOK deeply within, as you Prepare also for the Summer Solstice. COMMUNICATE more deeply with your Soul, your Heart, during this extended Mercury Influence. Balance your Creative and Rational sides of Your Brain, the MASCULINE and FEMININE within.

As I Move Deeply into this New Moon,  I Breathe and Draw Deeply The Silver Feminine Light of My Being, the Moon, into My Being, Into my Third eye.

As I Move Deeply into this New Moon, I balance the Feminine and Masculine within Me. The Left and Right, the Creative and the Rational. The Above and the Below, the Within, and the Without.

As I move Deeply into this New Moon, I  breathe and Draw Deeply The Golden Masculine Light of My Being, The Sun,  into My Being, Into my Third eye, where the Silver and the Gold, the Feminine and Masculine, the Right Brain and the Left, meet and Join as One.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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New Moon in Virgo September 5th, 2013

New Moon in Virgo September 5th, 2013, 14 degrees ~ 8:37am ADT.

Honour this Sacred Time.  This is a time of going Deeper within.  

LauraH-31 - Crop 2

Honour these next few days!

Honour The Ending of a Sacred 28 Day Cycle and the Beginning of  a New Cycle. Honour Your Life and the Earth. Go more deeply inside your Sacred Heart.

Integration is Key Now.. As you prepare for the New Moon ask yourself a few questions.

And set some New Intentions!

Do You Know who you Are?  What you Are?

Have you integrated the energies from 12.21.12 into Your Life?  Have you Integrated Heart Awareness and Harmony into your Daily Life in a Practical Way?

The Key word here is PRACTICAL.

Virgo represents the Sacred Earth, The Maiden, and it is Planet Mercury that gives the guiding direction.

This New Moon in Virgo is at 13 degrees. Virgo’s ruler, Mercury is also in Virgo. With the Sun and Moon opposing Chiron in Pisces you may find yourself Much more sensitive to criticism.  Out of compassion, if you have SOMETHING important to say to someone wait till the energy of this New Moon passes.

Stay present in your Heart as you set your intentions. Let your Heart rule out of Love and compassion.

Set a POWERFUL intention, for a CLEAN Virgo Start.

Hold yourself Deep within as You integrate the Love and Purity that you already Are.

You Are Source.

I love YOU!

Crystals, Nature and Moon Cycles (a reminder)


Your Crystals Respond to Frequency Also! Let them Listen to My Frequency Transmissions and be Near You During the Daily 3am ADT Queen of Light Transmissions.

Do you prepare for the New Moons and Full Moons?  The Full Moon is a build up of energy since the New Moon.

Each New Moon and Full Moon holds a unique Frequency, when tapped into consciously, these cycles will be of great benefit for you and your life and to those around you.

This Moon Cycle, if you are a Lover of Nature and Crystals, Take them out and wash them lovingly. If you have personal meditation crystals make notes on How and When  you programmed and reprogrammed them! Please do not skip making notes. You will be very pleased you did.

Too many crystals programmed in a personal way without deep connection to them and without conscious remembering will lead to vague results.

Working with crystals and remembering all the crystals I programmed in Atlantis for here NOW, has been very beneficial for NOW as crystals hold their frequency and Love throughout all time and space. Crystals Hold conscious Memory.

Sometimes the “Beings” in Crystals are obvious.  Angels and Fairies in Crystals also enhance your Deeper Connection to Nature and Moon Cycles. I have many of Beings in my crystals, including Pyramids, Merkabahs and Ancient Symbols. Each Crystal has its Own Crystal Deva.

Look Deep and Lovingly into your Crystals as the Sacred Beings of Nature that they are.

If you cannot see clearly the Being in your Crystals, Know they are there.

Each Crystal has its own Spirit or Deva.

I have helped many who did not feel anything from their personal meditation crystals BEGIN to connect with The Crystals Deva, or Spirit. Love and Respect for the Sacredness of Nature is paramount to experience this true deep connection.

The New Moon and Full Moon are good times to clean and prepare your crystals.

This is a Great way to Honour the Moon Cycles and the Natural Rhythms in Nature. The Earth is Sacred and all that are upon it. Honour the Earth and You will be Honoured.

The New Moon may also be a great time To Look Back and if need be, Reprogram some of the crystals that you may have forgotten about or to simply Infuse the crystals with powerful New Moon Frequencies.  Cleanse and restore them and clearly pick the most special crystal to you and program it, spend time with it and get to know it on a personal level.

Stay present with your Emotions…allow and Stay in Harmony.

The Full Moon has a Powerful influence on YOUR Emotional Body. 

The New Moon is about Beginnings.

Not all crystals love the sun, some love the moon more.  All Quartz crystal Love the sun and the moon. If you have any questions on your Crystals please let me know.


Wash some crystals, and sit with them One at a time as close as possible to the exact time of the New Moon, or Full Moon and sit quietly holding your sacred crystal.

1. Listen to the Sound of your crystal, hold it up to your ear.

2. Breathe in and out and center yourself.

3. Focus on your Heart.

4. Focus on the want and wish you have that is in “alignment” with the current New Moon or Full Moon. 

5. Stay Present with your Emotions and Allow.

6. Focusing clearly ~ Breathe Your desire into your crystal several times through your Breath. Breathe on our crystal. Do not rush this part. Then holding the Point (if there is one)  into the palm of your non dominant hand ( the hand you do “not” write with) and  turn the point of the crystal in slow clockwise circles (slowly) till you feel the crystal tighten. When it tightens stop.

7. Then hold your crystal up to your ear and you will hear a higher pitched tone once programmed.  If you do NOT, simply repeat above and Turn the Point slowly once again.

To deprogram  a crystal Focus on releasing the Program and Begin the  procedure above  EXCEPT turn the crystal counter-clockwise.  Allow your crystal a “relax” time  before programming.   Listen to the New Sound of the Crystal after the deprogram procedure.

8. Then stay close to your crystal or crystals. Love them.

9. Make notes and INCLUDE  the date of the Programming or Reprogramming.

Know that crystals are Loving Beings. They really are alive. They have a Sacred Deva or Spirit. If they seem dormant it is only because perhaps they were in boxes in the dark for a while. Show them love and care. As you Love them, they open up in Love and respond to you  and your Frequency.

Prepare for Each Full Moon and New Moon.

Acknowledge the Moon and the Frequency it holds for you as the Sacred Rhythm of Nature itself.

Surround your Home in Higher frequencies. Play my Frequency Transmissions overnight and throughout the day to shift the Frequency of your Space. Your surroundings will hold the Higher Frequencies of Love and Union.

Above All, Love yourself.  Stay In Harmony.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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Mercury Retrograde ~ June 26 ~ July 20th, 2013

Mercury Retrograde June 26th ~ July 20th, 2013.

This is the Perfect time to focus on Harmony, Union and Love.

Following the Natural Cycles and Rhythms are always highly beneficial.

Mercury Retrograde ~ is conducive to embrace  your inner processes.

Focus NOW in Inner Harmony, Not on Outer Circumstances.


Mercury Retrograde occurs  3 times a Year and Lasts approx. 3.5 weeks. This current Mercury Retrograde begins June 26th and ends July 20th, 2013.

Focus During this Mercury Retrograde On YOU.

How are you doing emotionally? mentally? physically? Look deep within yourself!

Focus and check your Frequency. Are you in Harmony? are you remembering your Breath? Are you present within your Body..

This Retrograde Assists you in YOUR inner depth of Focus. Embrace this time as a Friend. A Friend who gently keeps guiding you back to YOU.

Outward Focus and Outward success are  not Promoted during the Mercury Retrograde. That is why you hear or have experienced so many things not working out well “outwardly” during this time.

I Have experienced most things play out with GREATER EASE during the Retrograde..Why is that?  Because I function from Deep within. One can still experience the Outer you come from the PLACE and Space of Your Inner Flow.

This is a Great practise for YOU!!

Allow yourself to move, breathe and BE  from your “inner stillness” that place of allowing and Pure Being. Then you will find this is a great time for you on Many levels. And a Great Practise.

And what Greater Practise? To always be in Harmony, flowing in Pure Being.

Mercury Retrograde takes you gently, or not so gently..over and over into inner Awareness..if you simply Allow.

Below are some practical suggestions for you during  the Mercury Retrograde.

The Planet Mercury although appears moving backwards during the Mercury Retrograde,  is not. Mercury is slowing down in its elliptical orbit around the Sun and as The Earth continues to spin on its Axis.  The Planet Mercury looks as if it is moving backwards.

There are known Psychological effects during this time. The Benefit to knowing and observing the rules of the road during Mercury Retrograde will help you get the most out of this time period in your life and help you to avoid the pitfalls.

Mercury governs communication and communication devices;  computers, printing, telephone, and transportation.

It would be best if POSSIBLE to avoid during Mercury Retrograde any repairs that involve communications and transportation, etc. As well as avoiding making any decisions that involve communication and new agreements.  During Mercury Retrograde things repaired often need repeating.

While planning  repairs Choose if  possible to AVOID Mercury Retrograde. If an  emergency comes up, of course YES go ahead and repair!

It would be helpful to slow down your speech and writing speed.  Take more quiet time and continue with projects you have already begun. Allow humour into your DAY as you see the Glitches that may happen during this cycle.

Master the Constant Frequency of Harmony within You, and all will Simply Flow with Ease.

Remember  it is Paramount during the Mercury Retrograde to embrace YOUR INNER Focus.

Listen to my Frequency Transmissions, they will move your awareness deep within, and increase Your Frequency and Alignment with Unconditional Love, Divine Harmony and Union.


In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of  Light 

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