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Mercury Retrograde ~ June 26 ~ July 20th, 2013

Mercury Retrograde June 26th ~ July 20th, 2013.

This is the Perfect time to focus on Harmony, Union and Love.

Following the Natural Cycles and Rhythms are always highly beneficial.

Mercury Retrograde ~ is conducive to embrace  your inner processes.

Focus NOW in Inner Harmony, Not on Outer Circumstances.


Mercury Retrograde occurs  3 times a Year and Lasts approx. 3.5 weeks. This current Mercury Retrograde begins June 26th and ends July 20th, 2013.

Focus During this Mercury Retrograde On YOU.

How are you doing emotionally? mentally? physically? Look deep within yourself!

Focus and check your Frequency. Are you in Harmony? are you remembering your Breath? Are you present within your Body..

This Retrograde Assists you in YOUR inner depth of Focus. Embrace this time as a Friend. A Friend who gently keeps guiding you back to YOU.

Outward Focus and Outward success are  not Promoted during the Mercury Retrograde. That is why you hear or have experienced so many things not working out well “outwardly” during this time.

I Have experienced most things play out with GREATER EASE during the Retrograde..Why is that?  Because I function from Deep within. One can still experience the Outer you come from the PLACE and Space of Your Inner Flow.

This is a Great practise for YOU!!

Allow yourself to move, breathe and BE  from your “inner stillness” that place of allowing and Pure Being. Then you will find this is a great time for you on Many levels. And a Great Practise.

And what Greater Practise? To always be in Harmony, flowing in Pure Being.

Mercury Retrograde takes you gently, or not so gently..over and over into inner Awareness..if you simply Allow.

Below are some practical suggestions for you during  the Mercury Retrograde.

The Planet Mercury although appears moving backwards during the Mercury Retrograde,  is not. Mercury is slowing down in its elliptical orbit around the Sun and as The Earth continues to spin on its Axis.  The Planet Mercury looks as if it is moving backwards.

There are known Psychological effects during this time. The Benefit to knowing and observing the rules of the road during Mercury Retrograde will help you get the most out of this time period in your life and help you to avoid the pitfalls.

Mercury governs communication and communication devices;  computers, printing, telephone, and transportation.

It would be best if POSSIBLE to avoid during Mercury Retrograde any repairs that involve communications and transportation, etc. As well as avoiding making any decisions that involve communication and new agreements.  During Mercury Retrograde things repaired often need repeating.

While planning  repairs Choose if  possible to AVOID Mercury Retrograde. If an  emergency comes up, of course YES go ahead and repair!

It would be helpful to slow down your speech and writing speed.  Take more quiet time and continue with projects you have already begun. Allow humour into your DAY as you see the Glitches that may happen during this cycle.

Master the Constant Frequency of Harmony within You, and all will Simply Flow with Ease.

Remember  it is Paramount during the Mercury Retrograde to embrace YOUR INNER Focus.

Listen to my Frequency Transmissions, they will move your awareness deep within, and increase Your Frequency and Alignment with Unconditional Love, Divine Harmony and Union.


In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of  Light 

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