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You are God ~ You are Your Soul


SO Many refer to a Separate God ~ A Being the Lives out There, a Being that is Separate from themselves. Feeling you are Separate from God, is the cause of suffering. Being Immersed in a sense of separateness is the Cause of All Suffering. Separateness instills Fear through an outward focus. The true Source of Being, your Mastery is within yourself.

You Are your Soul, you are God.

I have written about this many times. There is NO out there, and if you live by and through that belief in Separateness you May Desire to Look clearly at the Path you have “chosen” to be ON, through your Free Will.

Do you Desire Freedom from Suffering? Do you desire to be a Master of Form during this your incarnation?

The true AWAKENING within you, through your Heart is about UNION ~ do you KNOW THAT?

Union Lives within your Heart ~ Your Soul ~ It is “WHO” and “WHAT” You Are!!

Union = Freedom from Suffering
Freedom from suffering = Mastering Duality

“Mastering Duality” Involves the use of Your “Free Will”

Call the “You” that is Your Pure Being (that is the eternal YOU) whatever you desire to call that, God ~ Source ~ Your Soul ~ they are ONE and the Same thing!

If you are desiring to Shift through your Heart, to Live in the New Creation, Master Duality And be free form Suffering during this INCARNATION of YOURS, Stay Aware and Focused on “Your Heart Space” your Sacred Heart within You! Recognize that you are creating your Reality. Your Inner experience, creates your Outer experience (what takes place as the outer is the result of the inner)

It is all within YOU ~ Spend time in silence feeling Your Heart!

Listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions (links are below) they ALIGN YOU with your Heart, they HARMONIZE all of your Bodies, mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual and they Align you with your Soul and your Soul Plan and Awaken within you all that your Soul had planned for you to awaken! Which is Your Highest Destiny during this your Incarnation.

Once again, the “Out there” is SIMPLY the reflection of “Your Within”

Victory has always been for YOU! I Am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!





I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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