Capital Y ~ YOU

Capital Y ~ YOU

Have you felt the re-birth of you yet?

Or are you still in the way?

The small you (y) in the way of the Capital Y ~ You (the eternal You)?


I have heard from so many of you that are going through tremendous challenges..

Please consider the following..

Can you see and Feel yourself as PERFECT NOW?

Can you let go of  Your need to cross your t’s and dot your i’s?

That Being nice is keeping you small?

And That Being Perfect NOW has NO thing to do with your preferences and HOW nice or NOT nice you in fact really are?

Pause and reflect on this..

Have you considered perhaps that all the “challenges” “heart-breaks” and “disappointments” in your so-called life ( that may have made you hate even God)
were in fact and simply ARE “Part of the PROCESS” of removing you (small y) out-of-the-way so THAT ~
YOU (capital Y) could come in Fully? (really ponder this)

After all, left to your own devices…weren’t you thinking and imagining and wanting fairly small?..( and better yet consider ~ aren’t you? )

I have observed that “when the small y, of you”…gives up completely ( and that may include no longer wanting to live) having lost all faith..and lost the sense of “personal honour”..(that is small p)…
ALL that you were “TRYING” TO DO…(even working hard to do, can you imagine that? working hard? )
That then and ONLY THEN THE capital Y..of YOU… STEPS IN!!!

And then you wake up one day…only to realize that all those things (that appeared bad, is there such a thing as bad? ) had to take place to GET YOU to where YOU are NOW…the small you removed out-of-the-way..

What a realization!!

You then Recognize It was ONLY the small y of you that “was in the way” of the GREAT PLAN…the Great Destiny…and “if you had of had your own way” what a settling for less that would have been.

So thank all of those screw-ups in your life..the things that did not happen..( I screw-up often, ask him ~ a new t-shirt design) that you have made along the way..
And Bless them as the “gifts from the Higher capital Y”- YOU…that they are.

As the built-in mechanism that prevented you from settling for less than the Greatest and Highest Destiny..(rejoice! )

Welcome them and Bless those Hardships that blocked what you wanted..(Amen )
And Embrace the New You..that will Now walk through Destiny’s Door..
And there is a Celebration throughout the Universe that accompanies you..
So many celebrating..You…small you finally Allowing in THE GREAT PLAN!

Holding you in Sacredness of the Capital Y -YOU…
The Eternal You that KNOWS THE GREAT PLAN…when the SMALL you releases all expectations to what you THINK you want..and Simply step out of the WAY..

I love YOU.

And Bow in Sacred Honour to YOU the capital Y ~ You.


In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

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  1. …I have a fun image, about my wants…(what I did wanted ?..I hope so..whatever..)
    ..a dog hiding a bone…and bites to defend it..and some voice on my mind saying: ..”drop the bone and I give you the paradise”…haha

  2. Perfect “brought me to where I am now”

    Yes that is what this is About..
    All the good and bad (in appearance)
    Leads you always to the perfect space and place!!
    Thank you Deva!!
    Love you.

  3. As “unsatisfying” as small me feels my “life” has been…i.e. could have done this, if i’d only said yes to this, etc… i KNOW all of my experience up to here and now, began with a ‘butterfly flapping its wings’. All of the events were connected, and brought me to where i am now. With my Twin ….beautiful writing. I love you Queen of Light

  4. Before going to bed last night I thought I already. Also I can not find anything to eat, Thank you very much dear Laura

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