Entering Bliss Consciousness

Entering Bliss Consciousness (For You)

Someone just asked me how do you move from years of Sadness to a state of Bliss.

Start by realizing YOU are not the sadness. Spend time in Silence or meditation connecting to the REAL YOU that is Bliss at the Highest Level.

Commit to a daily time of silence. If you wish to move your Frequency Higher faster Listen to my chakra meditation, Heart Frequency Meditation and Healing Beyond Time and Bliss meditation.

The frequencies of these meditations will shift your FREQUENCY.

Visit my website to listen to them on the Resources page. Email me to be added to my Newsletter group.



Here are some links to the meditation:

Heart Frequency :


Chakra :



Love in Bliss and Union to you All.


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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  2. Love to you Jessica and Thank You!

  3. Jessica Scarborough

    This was beautiful and I thank you for these frequencies ~<3~

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