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Beyond Your Comprehension, the Many Worlds Play Out

L'AuraPBeyond your comprehension, the many worlds play out, coexisting, all the way to the highest of Beings ~ expanded consciousness, throughout many Universes.

These are powerful Divine Cosmic ~ light beings, who through their original frequency, consciously became aware of what they were.

They stand and speak with me now. To the hearts of the Beloved beings everywhere.

The magical cosmos is the playing ground for all beings brought into existence of form, shaped by their frequency of consciousness as Light. Birthed into arriving through forms in the many worlds, they all coexist now.

The graduating of conscious frequencies, celebrate the initiations, brought about through all that is unseen and unknown.

An arrival is no less or no more than the experience.

Celebrated throughout eternity, it is all now.

In the levels of now awareness, which eternity embraces with joy, we open all portals of knowing, for those who have been prepared, to meet ones true essence,, to BE ~ the one that knows and is consciously, all that which was unknown.

The guidance in all the levels, prepares you to let go of what you are not and open your heart to more of what you are, eternally.

The Profound Presence of the Glorified Ones, lead the way as always. Initiating throughout all the levels, the conscious graduation of consciousness, meeting more of itself.

IN love we preside, with The Divine Council of Overseers, the portal of portals, to ALL, we unite.


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Cosmic RESET ~ Light Language Codes


BREATHE Deeply, relax and FEEl. This is a powerful DNA Activation.

GO slowly and spend a few moments, consciously breathing and feeling as your eyes, take in the Frequency of these Light Language Codes.

This BYPASSES the thinking mind.


The COSMIC Codes.


For you NOW.

In the Cosmic GLORY and LIGHT of ALL That is. ALL NOW!

More Soon!






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