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BEING Divine ~ Mastering Form

LAuraInannaLet us connect you consciously with that which is the Divine You.

Defining terms on Earth through words is not a clear cut process. As long held beliefs and usages through assumption of word meanings, get in the way.

This is beyond all of that. This is the truth through the heart.

There is this YOU that is light and is multidimensional.

You have an eternal form.

This eternal form is that which emanates as your body throughout the dimensions.

It is the dimensions and levels of awareness consciousness that dictates HOW you see yourself, your beliefs (carried over) and how you uniquely see your world. Which is your reality ~ VIEW.  As if peering through a telescope.

The DIVINE You is the eternal YOU that is aware of itself as an eternal DIVINE BEING. 

This Divine self  is self aware of ALL that IT IS.  That knows it never ends.

That KNOWS it is the one merging in consciousness with that which beliefs have previously dictated you are.

That never sleeps.

This Divine YOU is the embodiment of all you desire.

IT is freedom from suffering.

It is your Ascension.

It is the ONE you have been searching for.


IT is the embodiment of the masculine and feminine, JOINED as ONE.

It is the twin souls, knowing their complete union.

IT is the eternal YOU that knows there is no time and space or distance.

IT is the ONE writing this to the one hearing all of this now, beyond the mind.

It bypasses all ways of being.

YET it is HERE NOW and hears me.

It is the love story dreamed of.

It is the uniting of GLORY of itself.

It is the beauty beyond description.

It is the haven and love of the true lovers.

It is the consciousness that is always changing.

It is the ONE changeless in its original state.

It is the heart beating deeply with love and worship.

It is the ecstasy and rapture Of The lovers untied and merging.

It is the Heaven on Earth and the Heaven.

It is the VOID AND IT IS the Light.

It is the Knowing and the magnetism that magnetizes all to IT.

It is the centre and the whole.

It is uniqueness and its creation.

IT is the ONE that loves and is loved.

It is the drop and the Ocean all at once.

It is the Universe and yet it is here now.

It is ALL That is.

In this the truth of the ONE Divine Uniqueness, each Soul~ with all OF THE illuminated Souls, that have mastered and created form.

It is the Gods and those that are becoming Gods.

It is the eternal memory.

It is what is beyond imagination yet in it.

IN this THE DIVINE you that we now activate and initiate you. In love and through the heart, the only true initiation SPACE of the DIVINE. All now.




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Full Moon in LEO, February 9th, 2020 ~ Courage

L'AuraFeb3This powerful FULL MOON is in LEO and is on Sunday February 9th, 2020 at 3:33 am AST. 

This Full Moon continues the impact of what you began on the previous New Moon ~  January 24, 2020.  

Full Moon energy allows more of the subconscious hidden fears and issues to come up to be revealed. To be loved. Although this may not seem exciting, it absolutely is in the larger picture of the process of your transformation.

The Full Moon energy also impacts the emotional body GREATLY ~ especially around issues of personal relationships, self love, emotions surrounding the home and personal life.

Every moment THE Stars in the sky IMPACT each person uniquely. This is a constant and ongoing frequency interaction that is always taking place between your frequency, your BLUEPRINT and the overall PLAN that plays out THROUGH YOU. Not to you.

The impact you experience is based on your life plan, YOUR BLUEPRINT and YOUR CURRENT STATE of CONSCIOUSNESS in each moment that INTERACTS with the frequencies in those moments. The result is greater peace and harmony or greater disharmony. Either way, it is all for your benefit to BE, to FLOW, and to TRUST your unique PLAN. That is; why you are here, to graduate from the Earth School.

To LOVE YOURSELF and know what true eternal love IS.

The subconscious (hidden aspects) and the memory impulses connected to those memories is what POTENTIALLY may be activated UNIQUELY for you during this FULL MOON.

Mars is playing a powerful role with this FULL MOON. As the FULL MOON is Trine Mars. This will potentially give you the COURAGE to face what fears may be left in your subconscious memory. AS well as the courage to take action if that is what is required as part of your plan, in the moment.

Living moment to moment we LIVE In the UNKNOWN.  I live IN the VOID of BEING AND ALL arises through me. The form is simply what I am experiencing as part of what is here. I keep this form continuing to function through my breath. Other than THIS I am my eternal BEING which is not limited to a body or form.

This TOO  ~ is part of the moment to moment true BEING. The MASTERY of FORM, through the Heart and through true LOVE.

Most experience love as attachment. Love is not that at all, it is the OPPOSITE.

Why I am mentioning LOVE is, the opportunity to clear more memory that is not not in harmony, that is there TILL IT IS LOVED ~ is the only gateway to YOU also experiencing yourself as an ETERNAL BEING.  To being a MASTER of FORM.



For some during these FULL MOON frequencies a crisis through the emotions may take place. SLOW DOWN, give yourself the SPACE of SELF love, even if you do not know how to yet fully love yourself.

IN true love there is NO JUDGEMENT.

So if you feel as though you are reaching a breaking point. STOP all that you are DOING. Enter into silence and focus on your heart and your breath. EASE the stress in your life. Be gentle with yourself and do not judge yourself or anyone else as you get through….the key THROUGH this. Everything goes through YOU.

Allow that flow.

In this the INTENSE frequencies we activate you IN THE ETERNAL LOVE FLOW ~ through your Heart ~ the only PORTAL that is always available to YOU.

We are PRESENT NOW and as the profound shifts take place throughout the Universe, throughout the GALAXY ~ throughout ALL THAT IS ~ NOW.

Feel and receive! IN LOVE!!



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It is all consciousness and ALWAYS works out for your EARTH EVOLUTION PROGRAM. After you all you signed up for this. Even if you are not aware of it and do not remember.

What makes the expansion experience WHAT IT IS ~ IS based on fear for the Hell or Armageddon experience OR for the Heaven and Ascension experience, fearlessness through the Heart and love.

Close your eyes and feel what is GOING ON DEEP  within you as your inner reality now.

Feelings of JOY create joy, feelings of COMPLETE surrender give way to freedom.

WHAT IS Going on deep within you.

Have you faced your inner demons?

Through your heart you dissolve all that appears to be what is wrong with your experiences. The fear, the hatred, the non eternal union and awareness.

Have you stopped telling yourself lies of being a victim?

In perfect fairness YOU experience WHAT YOU ARE Being moment to moment based on your inner world of feelings, thoughts and beliefs which then lead to actions.

As you enter your heart, you will know and experience love and peace, beyond anything previously known of  ~ or experienced.

IN this the heart REIGNS ~ in true love, as if entering a magical castle where all you desire is there and it is the YOU that is fully unified, fully conscious and aware and ASCENDED NOW that you meet.  Within you heart.



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Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon, January 10th, 2020 ~ The RESET

L'AuraThis PROFOUND Full MOON in Cancer and LUNAR Eclipse is on January 10th, 2020 at 1:21 pm AST.

Are you ready for your RESET and living through your heart?

Your heart is the space to live through as powerful forces, unleashed through the subconscious and collective, present themselves. Those standing powerfully in the eternal will experience a reset and live through higher levels of their heart and love.

Those immersed in fear, will still experience the moment to moment heart awareness and opportunities to enter love more deeply.

All love starts with self-love! Being present NOW and your heart is the only eternal refuge, as all unfolds.

This Lunar eclipse is opposite Mercury. Be consciously aware that clear communication through your heart as the only true connection which goes beyond words. This connection is first with YOU to you. Do you know yourself? What triggers you and why? Are you paying attention?

This Lunar eclipse opposite Saturn~ for those not in their heart, depression, negative thinking, victim consciousness, is all up to BE PRESENT with. So as to be become more aware of all memories that are awaiting YOUR conscious love.

This powerful Lunar eclipse opposite Pluto ~ may bring up with great intensity drama, non gratefulness, jealousy, living through masks, SO as to bring to conscious LIGHT THROUGH THE HEART ~ so as to love yourself MORE.

The Lunar eclipse trine Neptune, lends the graceful gentle help of OPENING your heart more.

All of this continues what began with the Powerful New Moon and new Eclipse cycle, lasting 6 months.

So, where are you at within you? Do you love yourself? Or do you just say you do? Do you know what that means to fully love yourself?

Being filled with love is the most MAJESTIC, Glorified and beautiful WAY to forever BE. This love way of being is what all of the Angels, Ascended Masters, Creator Gods, ALL Beings of Divine Light ARE ~ Being consciously. This is what you are eternally and now uniting WITH consciously. AS all that is not yet loved, is loved within you.

Remembering Venus ~ LOVE is what this is all about.

This is your RESET and your Ascension experience!

The shift in each being is to the awareness of what they ARE.  The power of creation is PURE LOVE and it is the substance of creation itself.

IN this Love We activate you now! Feel through your HEART and receive now!








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The Multiverse and Your Reconfiguration

L'AURAThe radiating INFINITE DIVINE LIGHT frequencies are experienced through the conscious awakened heart ~ BEING. Throughout the MULTIVERSE.

The Divine Being. The expanded Cosmic God Self of INFINITE LOVE  ~ You.

In this your sacred awakening ~ we initiate you through your heart.

Throughout all the parallel worlds and parallel Universes we align your consciousness with the frequency of this DIVINE UNION through our infinite DIVINE LOVE ~ initiatory PRESENCE.

As the activations and alignments through this RECONFIGURATION continues to awaken your Heart AWARENESS, all matter and perceptions of space time consciousness ~ also transforms throughout the Multiverse.

The infinite Cosmic potentiality and versions of ALL that you Are, in pure Being ~ rest within the awakened heart of pure love.

IN this the holy Presence makes itself known, as the tangible power of love, transforming ALL.

This everlasting portal of infinite HEART AWAKENED consciousness calls to you through this initiation of being ~ through the Divine Presence of your Heart.

This is the INFINITE connection, TO ALL that you ARE.

We join with all infinite Divine Beings ~ through which this DESIGN of Union calls all to itself ~ the awakened Heart.

Radiating pure infinite Divine heart UNION ~  this infinite reconfiguration of this the Multiverse pours through us, to YOU.

Through this the matter that you know yourself to occupy your awareness THROUGH ~ reverberates this holy initiation.

The RESOUNDING RECONFIGURATION of this the infinite Divine Heart Presence YOU ~ expands as itself, NOW ~ throughout the Multiverse.

This expansion, this Heart Presence awareness of you, is the true infinite HOME of YOU. Knowing more and more of itself, throughout the multiverse.

In this we ~ The Divine Council of Overseers, join with all the ILLUMINATED awakened SOULS. In pure beauty of LOVE, through the Awakened Heart ~ we initiate you NOW.

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The Lords of Karma and MORE

L'Aura ~ in love, always xoCreation ~ the Creator Gods, DNA, human form, ALL reveal the uniqueness of creation. From the finger prints to the eyes, to the DNA.

Beyond that, which is mainly visible to most is the UNIQUE Frequency that one vibrates to and AS.

Each animal is a unique soul. We know all dogs are not the same, and why would we want them the same? We would not,  they are all unique Souls. Beings that also exist beyond the 3D world.

In this the Age of Aquarius, it is about uniqueness, invention, authenticity, wholeness and being consciously merged with the eternal divine Being. to consciously also become aware of being a master of form.

A master of form, means mastery of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, through HARMONY.

Being a master of form is a state of being that already exists for YOU, now.

Because it is a frequency and already exists, you are aligning with it in this MOMENT.

What is taking place, is the removal of all that is not that, the removal of all beliefs, attachments, and resistance to what IS.

Beyond that karma of fear you are harbouring subconsciously is the contract that you agreed to be here and merge in Union with the you that is not fear based, time based or limitation based.

All beings on Earth that incarnate through the Earth program will all graduate and Ascend.

What matters is the focus on YOU and your evolution in the now moment, then all falls into place, effortlessly.

Memories that are energetically charged that have not been cleared in your subconscious, are up for transformation. This is what karma is. It is no mystery.

It is the baggage you carry with you, that is not the true you.

For now, let us focus on the TRUE unique Being that already exists as a master of form. As this is WHERE it is AT.

Now, we are merging you more, and clearing away those fears, that harbour in the so-called darkness which we bring to the LIGHT.

Some have called us the Lords of Karma, we Are The Divine Council of Overseers and we are present now and always. As it is NOW. In love.



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Living as a Divine Master ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



Living, Breathing, Being a Divine Master, is You Being Present in All Moments, and You Embodying the Essence and Presence of your Soul. You are all this already, yet the immersion into a consciousness that separated itself in frequency from its Source of Being, is only just that.

You took on a cloak of invisibility, so to speak, that hid from your conscious awareness All That You Are. Now the cloak is off. And if it isn’t off, take it off now. What you shed when you take this 3D cloak off, will only be the beliefs in limitation, your attachments and your suffering. That means you have let go of waiting in time for things that you want in order to be happy. You let it all go.

What is revealed to YOU when you let go of all those ways, is the Glory of Your Soul. The invisibility cloak only blocked you, you see, All Beings immersed in their Light as a Master have always seen you as Your Soul.

The Divine Attributes of Your Soul are its Presence.

It is Being the Light that shines as the Eternal You.

The Light just is.

Light  isn’t attached to anything.

It is Fulfilled Being as It is.

Like the trees, like the Sun.

Being and Playing like a child, in the Grand Wonderment of Being Conscious of Being.

To Live in your Presence as a Master you must be Present.

Master Being Present in your Presence, then you Are Living as The Divine Master, that you eternally already Are.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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