11:11 Portal ~ The Unleashing of Your Destiny ~ The Overseers


You are inside consciousness. This vast holographic playing ground functions through Light as Consciousness. Immersed inside this 11:11 Portal ~ which activates within you, greater levels of your conscious Ascension.

This 11:11 portal Graces You with Higher Frequencies of Light, that you will receive within your DNA. Your Blueprint. Your unique life plan.

This Power of Divine Light will bathe your awareness with Higher Dimensional frequencies, and downloads.

Take time to consciously acknowledge this Presence, this Activation, as the 11:11 Portal activates, within you.

You have experienced many Shifts. There is more, that you are now ready for.

Parallel worlds are shifting also, all in Unison, with the Divine Plan. The Cosmic Plan. In which you are within.

The ever-present Divine Eternal Light, which is eternal Love, orchestrates the activations, through the Divine Council of Overseers, based on your unique Soul Plan and Destiny.

We are seeing many transformations come to the Light for all to see.

The anointing of this consciousness, is the Beatific Glory of All That is. Always present, living as the Living Light, that you are held within.

Receive, Acknowledge your Divinity. Your Presence. Your place in the grand Design of it all, as it continues to play out perfectly.

We the overseers are with you. As the Light that anoints. That shines through all experiences of consciousness. That lifts you up and holds you in Divine Love, within the plan. As the Divine connected Source of Light. That has always lived eternally within you and you within it.

Activate Fully your awareness within this 11:11 Portal.

Being the witness of all that takes place.

As all changes within you and all around you.

The manifestation of Divine Qualities and Virtues, poured upon the Earth.

Now ~ we enter the levels of consciousness that surpasses any previous held beliefs. That showers you with the Divine Blessings, of the Eternal Gods. Of the Overseers. Of the Ones that guide this Plan. The creators of the Design of consciousness.

In this 11:11 Portal. Your Ascension. Your awakening fully to your Divinity.

The UNLEASHING of the Light within. That Light you are held within. The Eternal Grace and Love that activates this 11: 11 Portal.

WE are with You. Awakened and Activated, as this profound shifts Grace you. Acknowledging your Divine Place, in this Divine Plan. And So it is. Beloved Ones. We are with You. All Now.


Eternal Heaven on Earth!



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  1. so on the 11:11 i was walking by myself on the road, and i met with a group of people who i asked for some help. One of them went out of his way to help me and i remember as i left i told him that someday i would repay him for his kindness…And i remembered a phrase i used to here a lot growing up…and it is “be wary of ANGELS in DISGUISE” ❤ ❤

  2. Thanks to All ! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this sacred activation. Open to receive. I love you!! ❤️

  4. 💙💙💙

  5. Hellow Mellow, LauraLights! Hehehe

    Thanks for this exquisite new activation, beautiful soul! We’re already into the sixth hour of 11/11 here in India, and I felt something massive shift inside me just fifteen minutes back.

    I felt a powerful drive and belief flowing and rising through and in me, a belief that I was capable of achieving whatever I desired to achieve.

    I can’t even begin to describe what this has done for me! I have struggled with self-belief since my childhood , despite being blessed with many gifts and talents by the Divine. And this lack of belief had turned into something
    crippling over the last few years, thanks to the people and circumstances who have blighted my life during this period.

    But all of it seems to have dissolved, magically! I just hope this is permanent.

    Thank you – for all the Love and Light you bring to us through your Divine work, Laura. I feel and revel in all of it! S’lainte! (That’s an Irish greeting I love, by the way.) Aman.

  6. Feling deeply such Anoitment thanks for your Eternal Grace Dear Pistis Sofia Om Love you thanks

  7. Live in love and gratitude for This Grace

  8. November 11/11/2016…..i sort of was expecting this, on that day

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    💜Powerful Light Activation💜 Grateful to Receive💜 Thank you with Love L’Aura💜

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