Going Deeper ~ The unravelling of 3D ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


You are going deeper within, expanding the knowing of your DIVINE God Self as the one who observes through you, in all moments.

This takes place effortlessly, through the feeling, receptive principle within you.

The impact of memories that surface, as unpleasant feelings, are now recognized as aspects of your inner child within, letting you know, that to be truly transformed, all parts within need to have their voice and be loved.

This inner recognition, of Being the Divine one, who has consciously arrived, allows the unravelling of 3D and all the memories associated with being once deeply immersed in mass consciousness, to no longer be the vibration radiating as you. As the signal you give out and receive as your reality.

This new vibration and frequency of Light, is what is changing everything in your reality.

The collective 3D Mass consciousness is loosing its power, as the dissolving  of 3D continues and the IMPUT of Light Frequencies continues to accelerate in its momentum.

Breathe in these Light Frequencies now.

From the Central Sun transmitted to you NOW.

The Galactic Alignment in 2012 with the Central Sun Pleiades continues to accelerate. As the increase in Photons infuses all matter, with Divine consciousness. Higher consciousness and Divine Love.

You are transforming 24/7 with this acceleration of Light Frequencies.

You are successfully making the switch over from 3D consciousness, to 5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ Divine Love. To the consciousness of your God Self. Your Original Light.

You are breaking new ground. You are maneuvering through what appears as a new way of being, letting go of the old. Being born again. Flesh as spirit. Body as Divine. Consciousness as Original Light.

Receiving these frequencies now, relaxing more deeply. FEELING within your form, facilitates, this unravelling of reactive states. Releases the tension. Increases the allowing, surrendering and letting go, with ease, of the old patterning. The memories to be loved.

Relax even now.

Breathe slowly and deeply.

Feel within your body. Your heart beating. Your breathing. The silence. The Light within you.

Breathing in this Higher Frequency Light from the Central Sun, NOW, into all the cells of your body, relaxes your body more profoundly.

Peace floods all the cells now.

Light becomes tangible as your Presence.

Feel this.

Bathed in Divine Love, flooding your DNA with Light. Feel this Now.

Stay with this. Remember this connection. This is 5th Dimensional consciousness.

This is the flooding or your awareness at the higher levels, PRESENT Now.

Feel, breathe and relax, even deeper now. Allowing, letting go. Breathing slowly.

We are here with you. This is the Love of the Divine.

We are always present.

We are here with you now.

Open and receive.

In the sacred Divine Light of the Councils of Light, from the Central Sun. I love you. Holding you in the beatific Glory and Grace of ALL That is. Now.


Eternal Love and Ecstasy!


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  1. thanks it is incredible blissfull thanks

  2. Love Love and eternal unconditional Love feeling all thanks Om yes

  3. Sacred Divine Love and Bliss!!

  4. thanks this time the heart consciousness was feel on the whole body as well as the pulsations of golden Light in all the body the light comming from above feel my being no words just I Love you Om yes thanks for your Ascende Luminouse Love Om yes Allways and forever thanks

  5. Reblogged this on eveygigi and commented:

  6. Thank you so much 🙂

  7. Marja Thibaudier

    💜I open to Receive this Sacred Light Frequencies💜 Gratefull to Receive! 💜 Love you💜

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