A Love Relationship in 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The Subconscious themes or karmic agendas (playing out of repetitive patterns from the past) for most in 3D, consist of the search for the other, who will complete us. That is, GIVE to us, the love we have not given to ourselves.

The process of falling in love, includes the expectation to receive the love, we do not give ourselves.

No “other” can give to us the love we desire, or fill that emptiness within us.

In search for that in the OTHER. We come to realize, there is no such thing.

Falling in love, well there is no way one could see the repetitive patterns clearly, within themselves. In the playing out of the karmic unresolved past, that is.

Deep into a relationship, one year and building, we come to realize the OTHER we hoped to love what we do not yet love, not only does not. But pushes the buttons of our reactive states. And we are left in the same position, of either facing that which we have not yet loved. Or searching for another to once again fill us of what we do not fill within ourselves first.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to receive love from another if we do not love ourselves. EXTERNAL is the mirror. That is there to bring up, within ourselves (often in our face, so to speak) that which have not yet LOVED.

Love relationships in 5th Dimensional Consciousness, of course include falling in love.

YET the difference is in the sense of responsibility and awareness.

The OTHER is not the ONE to love what we don’t yet love. The OTHER is the MIRROR to that which we DO NOT YET LOVE.

So we enter a relationship, with the knowing the higher foundation of a relationship, for both, is self-love.

We Honour the mirror that they are, without blame.

That is not to say, at the Level  of Self Love, and entering a relationship where both love each other. That the same games of 3D go on. No they do not. There is the awareness of what is really going on. And the love that is present in ONE is always present as the Love that it is, within. Both ways.

The Higher the self Love, the Higher the Love in the relationship.

Ego only knowns and exists in conflicts from the unresolved (unloved) past, so to speak. Those reactive states, that function through the unconscious subconscious.

When we exist in 5th dimensional consciousness, the UNCONSCIOUS becomes the Light of CONSCIOUSNESS. It no longer is unconscious. 

WE Love and give ourselves and live for the Other, when we TRULY Love ourselves.

This is the UNION we DESIRE. It is Within Ourselves.

It is the end of seeking outside of ourselves for our fulfillment.

Fulfillment is within, then shared at the highest levels, two being who are conscious of this.

In this we accelerate our awareness and bring to Light the true Nature of UNION. Of Love at the deepest level. Starting within.

Relax and breathe deeply and slowly. PAUSE for one or two minutes before reading slowly the following. Follow your breath consciously. Stop all else and receive this activation of Light.

I open my Heart now to the true Love within myself.

I resolve ALL aspects within myself, all conflicts of the past, into the LOVE of my Higher Self.

The ego that thrives in conflict within me,  now gently receives my love.

I release all judgements and expectations to receive the love I desire from another. 

I choose to Love myself completely.

I know loving myself completely is the foundation for the 5th Dimensional Love relationship I desire.

I know this is within me. Everything out there is the Mirror.

I love Myself Now.

I know the foundation for all my experiences is the LOVE I experience within me.

This LOVE within me, is the Love of my Higher Self.

This Love dissolves all conflicts within me from my past.

I live in deep Love, as I love myself as my Higher Self Does.

I draw to me relationships that match my SELF LOVE.

I love ALL Moments of my experience within me NOW.

I Am the love of my Higher Self, embodied within me, Now. 

I draw to me now the Love relationship that matches my SELF LOVE. 

I live as my Higher Self in perfect love (within) and I am in Union with my Divine Counterpart. Forever and Now. 

And So it is! Beloved Souls. Love dissolves all conflicts, which are the repetitive unresolved (ego) aspects within you. Into the Love of Source. Into the Love of your own Soul Uniqueness. Love and Grace! I love You!



Eternal Love and Bliss!

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  1. There are no mistakes. There are no random events. Meeting with your Twin Flame is Destiny that cannot be missed. It is part of the Soul Plan/Blueprint.
    Designed by your Soul.

  2. I do have a question. Since we live in duality and need contrast to define an experience, how can we truly ever find eachother if we don’t know what our future contrast is going to inspire us to desire? Say I have a twin flame and true love, yet can never meet because the contrast I am experiencing now is creating desires that have me align with a completely different life and romantic partner that isn’t a vibrational match to my twin and true love soulmate?

  3. Thank you so much lovely soul 💚💙💚

  4. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Marja Thibaudier

    💛 Love this powerful Light Activation💛
    I open up to receive 💛
    Thank you so much L’Aura💛
    I Love you 💛

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