Your Dream Life ~ That which is Your Unique Fulfillment


Living the life of your dreams, your Destiny, exists awaiting your arrival. The YOU, you have always desired to Live AS.

The process of existing in one dimension and stepping into another (consciously) is the frequency alignment with the you that exists (already) in another (higher) dimension. The Higher Self You, or whatever name you want to call the Divine You.

Each Soul is unique. The experiences you step into in this timeline, are what fulfills YOU.

For most, it is the experience of all the things not yet experienced. That you always wanted.

You didn’t get them, only because they exist in another frequency dimension. YOUR desiring them, is the call to you (from you in the higher Dimension) drawing you to that dimension. Where it, YOU exist, now.

For some this may involve being in a new relationship, or the expansion of a current one. For some of you, deep intimacy and Love, romantic love, and making love with a partner, as the creative expression of your passion and love with your Divine counterpart.

This New Timeline (Dream Life) includes living in unconditional Love. Living in abundance, creativity, which include new ways of living and working in harmony.

Releasing any judgments of your desires and understanding they are there for a unique reason, specific to your Higher Self and Soul Design, is part of the transformation of consciousness that you are here to experience.

This alignment is YOU at the higher levels, aligning with the consciousness that perceives itself in 3rd or 4th dimensional consciousness, transforming your experiences INTO the Higher Frequency Dimensions.

How you experience things through your own filter, is the result of your uniqueness. And through that filter of your own uniqueness looking into (like a looking-glass) into whatever dimension you are peering into, so to speak. You are already, from another dimension.

The consciousness of the form itself on Earth may seem to be in 3D, the mental body in 3D (when attached to the form as identity), the emotional body also. Yet the Divine Being YOU ~ has always existed in the Higher Dimensions.

The Process of existing in your new timeline, is your consciousness in your form aligning with your Higher Dimensional Self. God Self. Divine Self. Which you KNOW you are. That is why you desire it.

IT is CALLING you, here, to it, there. The space out of your view, is the Higher Frequency and Higher Dimensional You. You know it is there, because you desire it. You feel it. It is YOU, and you want to feel more of that YOU. And those experiences, that you have NOT YET experienced.

It will be NEW. All that you have always wanted to experience, but have not yet experienced.

Who is in charge then? Of course the Higher Divine You. The One who exists as your uniqueness. It is the playing out of that uniqueness that is the Dream Life. There is ONLY one Ascended You. One ~ all that you dreamed of and more life, for YOU. It is unique you see. Like you Are.

So breathe into this. Your Cells always respond to the truth, that exists now. And although they respond to non truth also. Now more than ever, they are receiving the frequencies of LIGHT that carry the Soul Patterning of YOU that is calling to YOU. Drawing you.

It is in the Light Codes. All the Light codes, not transmitted to you. The Alignment in 2012 carried with it, all that was for YOU. To be received. These constant increased Light Frequencies are expanding your consciousness, into your Higher Dimensional Self. Your Ascended Self. Your Divine God Self.

The drawing you home is not the desire to leave the body. But the desire to shift into the timeline that is drawing you. In the HIGHER Frequency Dimensions.

Relax, breathe and feel.

Open and receive, that which is your alignment, to the dream life of you. The ONE you always wanted, deep within yourself.

It exists, you are aligning.

You are aligning now.

I am One with the Higher Dimensions that are drawing my consciousness to expand, to consciousness arrive in a different dimension, consciously and fully.

This higher dimensions transform my form.

I exist there already, I am aligning now.

I fulfill my Soul plan, and help all to receive their Dream Life and Ascension Alignment, through my alignment, within myself.

This is the New Earth. The Golden Age. The Divine self me, that exists in a different dimension, that I am NOW aligning with in my consciousness.

And so it is! WE are Aligned, we Transform. We live in the New Timeline.

All the clearing is now done. All that was waiting arrival has arrived.

I Live now in the New Timeline.

And so it is! All Divine Beings, we celebrate that we are Divine! We see through a new dimension that what we desired was awaiting our arrival. Calling us home. It was all within. It is consciousness. It is Light. And we always existed as Home. I love you!

your new timeline


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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  1. Yes! And so it is Now! Immensely Grateful for this Profound and Beautiful Activation! Thank YOU! I Love You! 🙏🏻💜

  2. Thank you… thank you… thank you… eternally grateful for your kind energy and beautiful words

  3. 💗💗💗

  4. Marja Thibaudier

    💛 So very Beautiful and Sacred💛
    I open myself to Receive💛 the life of my Dreams💛
    Thank you so much L’Aura💛
    I Love you💛💛

  5. So amazing! So profound! So perfect! I love You!! Thank you so much for this activation.

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