Full Moon in Leo~January 23rd, 2016


The Full Moon in Leo is on January 23rd, 2016 at 9:45 pm AST.

Full Moons are completions, endings, of that which began on the New Moon. Full Moons are emotional, as the subconscious (what is not seen) is triggered, during the Light of the Full Moon (subconscious) and the Opposing Sun in Aquarius.

This Full Moon is being squared by Mars in Scorpio. Feel the intensity. Further adding to this transformational energy, is Mercury retrograde (till the 26th) which has ignited many levels of loss and set backs, as the deepening of inner directed awareness, settles in, as the New way of Being, the consciousness of arriving, of being in the present moment, of Being 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Whew, a lot to take in and integrate. The Benefit of all of this intensity, while during the Mercury Retrograde, is the natural flow, encouraging you to slow down. To go deep within yourself. To enter deeply the present moment and let go of all of those “things” that are not here now, in front of you. Letting go of the worry and fears, based on what you do not have now, is the making peace, within yourself, with the present moment.

Settling into this new way, as in resting in the most Heavenly Sanctuary, is the new way of Being. Which is the freedom from suffering, and the freedom from resistance to what is, that you are evolving, moment to moment, into ~ Being.

During this now moment, and as the energies build and increase within your subconscious mind patterning, Love what you are. Love what shows up. Love what isn’t here now.

Understanding, that when you are ready, truly ready for what your Heart desires, greater than you can imagine, will be what you receive. Being ready to receive, is not the give me what I want way, of getting what you want. It is the Plan of your Soul, the design of you, that set all of this up, as the way, it is.

Enter deeply, within yourself, loving all aspects of your Being. As you love yourself more, you will know that every moment is perfect, and is always leading and guiding your awareness, into your living and Being Divine. The Limitless You. The you that receives the Love that is unconditional.

As the Sun always rises, you too, in your awareness, will enter into the Glory of your True Eternal Divine Self ~ Being, and you will know, All has Always been So.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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  1. Thankyou love from Aludra to

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    💜Sacred powerful Full Moon Yes💜🌕
    Thank you L’Aura💜

  3. Marja Thibaudier

    🌕💜Powerful Sacred Full Moon🌕💜 Thank you L’Aura💜Love you💜

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