Surrender the Old Paradigm To Love ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



The Old Paradigm, referred to as 3D Consciousness, exists within, as a state of Being. The things that applied then, no longer apply in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Surrendering the old paradigm within you of 3D consciousness is in part, about being aware of and observant of ~ that which you are surrendering.

What exactly are you surrendering and to what ~ is a good question to ask yourself.

Those old 3D responses, those 3D reactions, that no longer serve your consciousness, except to keep you in those responses, that held you in a state of non observance, is what you are surrendering.

Surrendering To Love ~ is the application of 5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ CONSCIOUSLY.

You have that new job, that new relationship, that new house, or the same old Same old ~ house, job, money situation, fear, relationship, and you find yourself saying ~ this is just temporary till there is something better. This house, relationship, job, THIS LIFE Β is temporary, and I am waiting for something better to soon arrive. THAT is 3D Consciousness.Β Never living in the moment, never truly OBSERVING what is really going on WITHIN YOU.

Oh that is just external ~ Oh those things are just external ~ YES but YOUR awareness, your Observance ~ YOUR REACTION and RELATIONSHIP to EVERYTHING everywhere is that which is WITHIN YOU.

So you wake up, you observe it is the same house, or new, same relationship, or absent or new, and you recognize ~ it DAWNS on YOU ~ that HOW you RELATE to Everything, is YOUR State of CONSCIOUSNESS. You recognize the OLD way or relating in 3D Consciousness, waiting for a future, waiting to get what you want, waiting for things to change, is a state of consciousness that LIMITS ~ How you see ~ Feel ~ Experience ~ LIFE.

Life is YOU ~ Eternal Life is YOU. How you respond, react, and pay attention to or NOT IS Β you Being You.

NOW ~ since you ALREADY are the Eternal You in 5th Dimensional Consciousness and YOU are switching over consciously, so to speak, to the new Paradigm within YOU, it takes your CONSCIOUS APPLICATION to do so in All Moments.

Are you Ready to show Up in your Life?

So you wake up, you Observe everything is the same, you Begin to Respond differently, and then like magic, you Begin to see it differently. Has the so-called external Life really changed? Was it not always that way you now see it in 5th Dimensional Consciousness? Yes ~ yet, the responses, the Ways of Being and Observing apply only to the level of Consciousness that is IN IT experiencing it.

Now in 5th Dimensional Consciousness you are not asleep to 5th Dimensional Consciousness. You SEE oh wow, that was just the way I saw things, in 3D. Now ~ I am Loving what is. I do not have to like it, but I love it ~ as it is the Unconditional Love and Acceptance of 5th Dimensional Consciousness applied to EVERYTHING Within and External as a RESPONSIBLE CONSCIOUS OBSERVER and Loving RESPONDER to Life, “That is the Consciousness of 5th Dimensional Consciousness” And it is THIS that is the Freedom that is the Consciousness of the Present Moment.

This is the Shift ~ From a limited non Observer state of Being (3D) to Actively and Consciously LOVING all “As Though ALL” is completely the Consciousness within which is my Experience ~ which is HOW I am OBSERVING and LOVING ALL THAT IS. (or Not) In the Present MOMENT. Now. BEING the ONE ~ that has awoken and LOVES as if there is no Tomorrow, as if ALL that exists is NOW. Because it is, You have awoken, you have come to LOVE and Be true once again, to your True Nature. Arriving, Arrived. Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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  1. Yes I feel it is happening. Thank you dear Queen ❀ ❀ I ❀ ❀ Love you ❀ ❀ Eternal Love and Bliss ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
    On Wednesday 18 in the morning, will not be if it was in a dream or a vision, surprisingly you showed up, like Eve, very young, very lively eyes, your long curly hair, like brown, thin and a color like mine, light brown.

  2. Reblogged on Live In Love.

  3. Marja Thibaudier

    πŸ’œYESπŸ’œ SurrenderπŸ’œ NOWπŸ’œ Love all πŸ’œThis and You L’Au’RaπŸ’œ

  4. πŸ’œ Consciously Surrendering πŸ’œ Yes πŸ’œ Love to You L’Aura πŸ’œ Thank YouπŸ’œ

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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