So you Say You Want to be Happy~5th Dimensional Consciousness


You say you want to be happy ~ just exactly where are you Looking for this Happiness?

Are you Really expecting it to arrive when things in your life change?

Are you still buying into the Old Paradigm ~ over and Β over again, waiting for your external World to change and circumstances to change so that ONE DAY you will be happy? That does not work. Have you realized that yet? How many times will you continue to look at your external circumstances, and say if ONLY that would change I would be happy.

Waiting for ONE day WHAT IS NOT PRESENT NOW ~ is 3D consciousness and the path of suffering. I will wait till I have that more Loving partner, till I am free from money concerns, problems, etc.

When ALL the 3D consciousness DOES in the old paradigm, is LOOK at the external, POINT the finger to someone or something ELSE other than WITHIN YOU as the ONLY CAUSE of happiness within.

Do you get it yet? Doesn’t that make sense. ONE thing to remember if you will remember anything. How to tell if you are NOT applying 5th dimensional consciousness to your Experience, is recognizing you are NOT HAPPY WITH NOW.

You want happiness? Be HAPPY WITH NOW.

YOU Want Freedom ~ be HAPPY with what arises NOW.

You Want JOY ~ be JOYFUL with everything NOW.

You Desire Love ~ Love everything NOW.

The constant wanting and needing everything to change in ORDER to be HAPPY is 3D consciousness. AND THAT IS OK.

If that is what you are constantly battling the OLD ~ waiting for what never arrives game, then APPLY 5th Dimensional Consciousness to that.

NO NEED to change your thoughts.

Doesn’t matter if YOU don’t like your Circumstances either.

So there really is NO EXCUSE you can come up with, to NOT Begin and continue to apply 5th Dimensional CONSCIOUSNESS to everything.

You Want to be FREE~ Apply 5th Dimensional Consciousness to everything that arises.

NO need to stop thoughts, control feelings, ignore your experiences.

SIMPLY APPLY 5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ which is UNCONDITIONAL Love.

That is it ~ APPLY 5th dimensional consciousness and WATCH your Transformation.

The old techniques of 3D consciousness to change your reality never worked and never will. You cannot change things through the same means that created them ~ make sense?

So make a resolve ~ to NOT seek happiness outside of yourself. LET GO of your attachments to the expectations of Β others to love youΒ when you do not love yourself. You can only give and receive THAT WHICH YOU ARE BEING.

I Accept I do not like my circumstances.

I Accept I wanted others to be how I am NOT to myself.

I Accept the only way to Freedom ~ is changing WITHIN me.

I Accept I no longer seek recognition of how things are within me from an external world.

I Accept ~ it is all within me.

I Accept ~ I will love myself.

I Accept I step out of the old Paradigm OVER and OVER all day LONG in all MOMENTS.

I Accept I choose to be FREE ~ and Love myself.

I no longer attempt to FIX my OUTER world as a source of my happiness.

I ARRIVE and LOVE all that arises NOW ~ and I AM FREE.

Actually DO THIS ~ MOMENT to MOMENT and watch the changes within YOU, to a Glorious Alignment ~ and Surrender to ALL That is ~ All That you Are.

This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. And it is LOVE and LOVING everything NOW.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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  1. πŸ’—πŸ’—Thank you always, for I’m aware of the releasing and activations, more. The constant wanting and needing of external feed is gone, just this last daysπŸ’—
    I saw that need to look outside, more, exposed, even and especially in trivial things appearing, over and over, with much intensity than ever.
    So many patterns before, as well already gone, much acceleration.
    I dont mean to be over and perfect as I wanted before. I accept whatever I have to go trough to experience. But Its feels really different now. I can be present, now, more πŸ’“
    So I just want to express this new activation in me and be grateful for it.
    I dreamed I take in my hands a bird, that a magician lost. The bird was scare, and get calm in my presence, he felt my heartbeat, and me too, and the bird shift in a form of a baby. And I gave the baby to the magician, saying to the baby, that the magician was his father.
    I interprete as birth of inner freedom, and magic miracles to come.
    πŸ’—I love youπŸ’—
    Thank you

  2. loving what is, I feel your frequency message. All day, to infinity, Now. I love you Victoria Elohim x ❀

  3. πŸ’• Sacred Beyond My Words L’Au”Ra πŸ’• Love To You πŸ’• Thank You πŸ’•

  4. Marja Thibaudier

    πŸ’žSacredπŸ’ž Love youπŸ’ž Thank youπŸ’ž
    Will practice more and moreπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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