Lifting The Veil~ Being Awareness


Being caught up in the daily grind so to speak, immersed in your emotions, thoughts, fears, happenings, like living in a turbulent Sea. Β Going from one experience and tossed to another and believing that is You, that those thoughts and emotions are you. Is the Deep Sleep of Non-Awareness, that keeps ones thoughts and emotions immersed in the duality dream, without waking up inside it. This is mass consciousness. Deeply immersed in matter, without viewing the scenery through the eyes of the Soul.

Functioning through Fear ~ is a projection in the Mind of separation. Functioning through Love is Being through the Heart of Union. Β In this Union ~ exists No Veil.

Look at your life, from the view that nothing is happening to You. What you thought of as happening to you, was your immersion in non-awareness. This is the veil, so to speak. The belief that all outside of you is happening to you throughΒ what you see and experience, and that~ those things are you.

Now, look at all aspects of your life “Viewing” it all, as an Observer of physical matter, which includes thoughts and emotions, and all happenings and doings. View ALL things, stepping back from it all, not being immersed in at all.

As you VIEW all things, including your thoughts, emotions and fears, you will experience “what takes place in matter” and you will recognize they ARE NOT YOU. That is simply the physical vehicle Β and the ego connected to the vehicle, or the mind~ fears, emotions, illnesses, reactions, etc.

As you Begin to VIEW all that is going on ~ Then move deeply into your Heart. Then you will SEE through the eyes of your Soul, what is going on, and SHED LIGHT and Love and Compassion on all that you VIEW.

You will no longer feel a victim of everything that you experience as a result of beingΒ immersed in duality~ matter, the duality dream, you WILL be free to Observe all things, through your Heart, and see your UNION with your Soul and merge Spirit and Matter together as One. This is an alchemical Process.

This is the Process of Ascension that many are experiencing as the Universal Matrix continues to download the Key Light codes that SHINE from the Central Sun, into All areas of Being. Accelerating the consciousness to the Higher States of Union and the Heart. Accelerating the Return to Love and Union, the coming full circle to All That is and that you Are, Being.

This is Being ~ this is Not the “Symptoms” of duality. The symptoms of duality are the Non-Awareness states of fear, emotions, and suffering and separation ~ the Veil. The Being LOST IN MATTER.

When ascended, you will be the merging of Light and Matter, the Awakened Dreamer, that is aware of creating the Dream. That is not lost in it. That is the Love that it truly is. Immersed in Love ~ Functioning through Matter, as the Creator of All Experience, in and through the Eternal Light of the Soul ~ Pure Being. This is Heaven on Earth. This is the Veil removed. This is Now. This is the Eternal You.

Holding you Forever in the Light of Your Soul ~ and in the Alchemical Return to Being Light and Eternal Love.





Eternal Love and Bliss!



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