Dolphins ~ Beings of Light



Some Humans incarnated (aspect of their Soul) in Form also Exist as the species known as Dolphins. These are Beings of Light, and they also existed on Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis. These Higher Beings of Light are helping to raise the Vibratory Frequency of Love and Light on the Planet and throughout the Universe.

If You have incarnated to Bring Forth your Dolphin Frequencies and Merge with your Dolphin Message, you may notice you HEAR ~ what others don’t Hear~ and  you hear sound Before it arrives, LOUDLY and Clearly, even if sound is not audible to others.

Clairaudience is the Ability to Hear and Pick up sounds and frequencies AUDIBLY from other Realms or Worlds. 

I have accessed Dolphin Frequencies of those who existed as Dolphins and activated the Frequency into the Blueprint of the Being on Earth. Then they could hear and feel their Dolphin Frequency~ audibly.

Dolphins are very connected to the Element of Water ~and the MOON ~they are very Feminine and Connected to Cycles and Natural Rhythms. You may live near the Ocean ~ You may personally Know Dolphins ~ and YOU may hear YOU as Dolphin ~ from what is called beyond this Earth.

These are Majestic Beings ~ Serving Humanity and Serving All.

So if you ARE deeply connected to Water ~ you HEAR it even if not near it, if you are Dreaming about it, having Dolphins appear to You, and HEAR their Signal, you may also be Dolphin and are HERE to now merge with your Dolphin Being of Light and Bring this message of LOVE and Union, to All.

I Am the Ocean of Love, I Am the Moon and its Cycles and Rhythms. I am the Light Being Dolphin, I am Sacred Love, Sacred Light and Sacred Sound Frequency ~ I Am here to Unite ALL in the Great Union of ALL That is! 



Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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