Magical Inner Worlds of Light


The Mirror is the Reflection of YOUR Perception of it.

When you Enter the Magical Inner worlds of Light and the Worlds of Angels, Devas and Fairies, you are Bestowed with the Grace and Purity of Child Like Play, Wonder, Magic and Creativity. This is Bliss in its Purest ~ Being.ย In the currentย Mass Consciousness~ Linear World of External Focus, this Child Like Creative Play,ย has lost its significance as the Creative Force of Being itself, Creation itself.

Letting everything go, even now, take a few slow deep breaths, and allow your awareness to sink deep into your Heart Space. Breathe in Light, Breathe in Bliss. Exhale Light, exhale Bliss. The Inner and outer are the same.

Begin to do this rhythmically, pause and close your eyes and breathe.

Feel your Heart begin to fill with Greater and Greater Light. Now sense and feel and See yourself as Light. In your Heart Space. Feel the Magic of this, you as Light.

Allow a smile to come upon you, and feel this smile from the inside. An inner smile, filling all areas of your body.

This is Joy, This is a magical World of Light, and it is always inside of you.

With your inner sight, feel this Light become All Encompassing. Rest here, allowing the Light within you to increase Now.

Feel this Joy and Bliss, fill all of Your Cells. Feel your Heart. Feel and See the Light.

Stay here, feeling, sensing, seeing, and OBSERVING all the sensations and that arise in your awareness.

Any thoughts let them drift by, like clouds.

Stay present in this Light, through your Heart Space, and Know this is your Sacred Inner World, of Beauty, of Magic, of Angels, of Light. Of Creativity and your inner Child.

Play here, stay present here, then take this Presence and awareness, with you throughout your Day, in all circumstances, this inner Light is always Present. It never goes away.

Breathe deeper, and feel more deeply the sense of Your Inner Child, your inner Light, loving all that you feel and sense within yourself,ย enter here often, and remembering often and always, in all moments, this LIGHT IS YOU. This Love is You.

Embrace yourself as Light, Dear Souls, and Feel the Bliss and the Magic of this Inner world of Light, which is You, Pure Being.

I hold you in the Eternal Light of your Sacred Soul, the Light of the Divine I Am Presence, All That is, always and Now.

Breathe in this Love, this Light, All That is!

Feel your Presence Always ~ As It is the Magic of You~ Your Freedom, your Light, The Eternal you, that is the Sacred Light and Presence of your Soul.

Be Bathed in this Presence, Now! I hold you Here, Now ~ Always!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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