Are you Consciously “Being”


You have heard it all before ~ Are you Being rather than Doing? What does this really mean though? I Desire to be with you! What is it like to Fully ~ “BE” with someone~ consciously?

Are you “Being” with yourself? Are you “Being” Present?

These are wonderful things to Ponder in silence, you with you. What is this paramount awakening within the self knowingness of you ~ your self-realization, your “Being” that is so simple yet seems so elusive to so many.

How can something so natural as Being ~ become such a lost art so to speak, in a Sea of Virtual Creativity, called life on Earth. Yet this Sea of Creativity ~ Your Reality, is something that you ARE Creating in every moment. It is the result of your Being ~ whether this is a CONSCIOUS process for you or unconscious existence and reality.

If this is constantly taking place in all moments (creating in every moment) then how could one possibly NOT be aware of what is actually going on behind the scenes. The Creating of the Creation ~ the ever pervasive “causal” effect of Being on Earth as living breathing consciousness ~ asleep or awake.

If you breathe and blow into a balloon, you are aware you are taking the balloon and creating it to exist in a different form. You are creating change consciously as you breathe into the balloon and you feel it expand. Your focus is on your breathing and blowing into it and you know the result. Maybe the first time you blew into a balloon you did not know what the result would be, then to your amazement, you witnessed a change. Your breathing into the balloon is the cause of the change. Likewise ~ the thoughts that you think, the feelings that you feel ~ are the cause of constant change ~ Like a thermometer that is reading and adjusting itself TO the Temperature. It is the temperature that creates the change in the thermometer.

Your Being ~ is always taking place.

It is the paying attention to the conscious “cause” of every moment ~ (what is going on within you, your thoughts and feelings) that awakens consciously within you ~ the self realized awareness that knows itself as the Pure Being of Causal consciousness in a Sea of Virtual Reality.Β 

So pay attention Dear Souls to what is going on within you. Be the Aware Breath that is aware of its own cause and Β creation, moment to Moment.

Embrace “Being” Fully awake in the ever pervasive substance, of a consciousness reality you call Life and living.

Be present with your self, be Present with your True Love, consciously WAKE UP to your Creations. The You that is the CAUSE ~ of ALL you experience in your Reality. You witnessing you, just as a thermometer gauges the temperature. And adjust your every thought and your feelings ~ to ALL YOU Truly Desire.

Then your Being lives as Full Awareness of itself, in All Moments. Allowing the Dream of Life to be the awakened Dream ~ the Cause and the Dreamer One. The result is simply the result, the Cause is the “Being” I am speaking of. It is Pure, it is True and it is Creation itself.

I Hold you in this Ever Present Virtual Sea of Consciousness, that is the Bathing in the Presence of All That is. Love and Ecstasy Holds all of this together, as the Awakened Consciousness of Creation itself, resting in its Beauty, in its Glory, as Pure Being.

Practise “Being” consciously as you witness and Observe all that is the Cause AS you are Being, in All Moments.

I am the Eternal Love of All That is!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    Embrace “being” yes !! In all areas of being ❀ to wake up from the deep sleep
    Love you ❀

  2. Deep and beautiful message dear Victoria Elohim, ❀ ❀ I ❀ ❀ Love ❀ ❀ You ❀ ❀ Eternal Love ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
    In meditation today I appeared for a time as a computer screen where I was drawing, but the funny thing is that my conscience told me I can not end because we are in 3D; also establish a dialogue with my conscience

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