Consciousness and Form

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Those who have crossed over (from planet earth and have left the body behind) carry the same attributes as the incarnation in form. The Immortal Body of Light is the template of the Incarnation Form on Planet Earth, called a Body.

The so-called other Side is a sacred Continuation of Consciousness through the Immortal Body of Light. This other side is not seen by many on Planet Earth, only because the frequency is different. It does exist and is present, here, now.

For most, the in-between state, is a time of reflection and personal growth in awareness. The dramas and illnesses of everyday life in Duality end immediately, for Most.

For those not fully aware what has happened, they play out some very similar experiences in their consciousness, like they did on earth. Many call those beings earth-bound, what it is really is their consciousness as their template of Light, still desires to play out some scenarios, that they were Not quite finished with, when they had a body. Consciousness is Consciousness and is NOT dependant on a specific form, body or Light, to play out any scenario.

Consciousness is consciousness, whether in a form on Planet Earth, or in the Light Form, after the incarnation has completed its incarnation experience.

Special meetings with loved ones and Angels often take place right away, for others this takes place a little later, as the level of awareness in consciousness begins to acclimatize itself without a form on Planet Earth. For some this awareness is immediate, for Others there is an adjustment period.

The Consciousness in Form on Earth and the consciousness Not in Form (in a body) on Earth, remains the same.
Your waking up Consciously while in form, allows the seamless transition, to your full immediate awareness of yourself  in Light.

What you are Truly is this State of consciousness that is your Template of Light, your Immortal Body of Light and it is deathless.

As you wake up and merge your awareness through your “Heart” with your Immortal Body of Light, consciously, the ease of transition to your New Birth and Ascension, Flows effortlessly, as Consciousness KNOWS itself IN Light and IN Form, eternally.

So here we have the effortless merging of awareness, through the Eternal Portal Of Eternal Love and Eternal Light, within yourself, within your Heart Awareness to yourself Eternally.  Which is NOT dependent on ANY type of form, but Only knows itself as the Experiencer, eternally.

Changing the State of the Form, is flow, in the full Awareness of WHAT you truly Are, Eternally, Your Immortal Body of Light, which is the template of your Soul. This template is Your Original Blueprint, which holds all awareness and Memory of ALL experiences you have experienced through ALL incarnations, and this includes all the many parallel worlds.

Your Key to accessing your Full Awareness and Full consciousness of “What You Are” is your awareness of Yourself, through your Heart Space. This is the Portal.

Accessing  the Key of your Heart, is the experience which aligns you with your Completion, as Experience.  Held within your completion is the awareness of your alignment WITH YOU, with ALL of your experiences, beyond and throughout time.

When this alignment takes place, your conscious awareness, then knows itself as a Master of  Duality. Seeing clearly then, form and no form, and seeing clearly, your consciousness as your Eternal Heart and Soul.

You see You, you see Reality for what it is. You experience the Knowing of what the ETERNAL you as your Soul as Light as Eternal Love, and  Eternal Consciousness,  is.

This is your seamless Transition to your completion and New Birth and Ascension. Your waking up to What you truly Are, through your Heart.

So enter your Heart Space often, stay present there as the Place and Space of Awareness you LIVE YOUR LIFE FROM. You then merge effortlessly all of your bodies into Harmony and this allows your One Reality, to Be the One reality that you as your Heart and Soul ~ Desires and Lives in. This is Your Mastery. This is your Completion.

This is your awareness of Your Divinity as Eternal Love and Eternal Light. Your Immortal Body of Light that flows in consciousness, as All That is.

I love You Dear Souls! Be ever-present in the Divinity That you Are. I hold you eternally in your Victory and in Eternal Love as you are Birthed into your New Awareness of yourself, your completion and Mastery! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am! I Am the Everlasting Angel, Pistis Sophia!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    Thank you thank you thank you
    Amazing beautiful and I read this again and again
    Love you deeply

  2. Thank you so much Angel Pistis Sophia, Amazing post, ❤ I ❤ love ❤ you ❤ LOVE ❤
    I feel ecstasy when I see, listen and feel you deeply in my heart ❤

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